May 292007

One of my favorite games on the Atari (which I didn’t play as a kid, but only in college in the early 90’s) was Battle. Or Attack. Something like that. Basically, you had a plane flying across the top and ship on the bottom. Each player was one of those. And you tried to shoot each other.

You could move slow, normal, or fast. And you just had to avoid 1 bullet per pass at the screen. Very simple game. Walter and I played it for hours for days. Once the sun set while we played the game. We didn’t turn on the lights. Someone knocked at the door. We told them it was open. They said some words and then left. Cool. We couldn’t take our eyes off the screen though, cause it was a pretty serious game.

They were girl voices that came into the apartment too. We didn’t care.

Later, we found out they left a flyer for a dance on the table. Yeah – like we were gonna stop playing Attack or Battle to goto a dance.

Anyway – I like reducing games to their essence – and that Battle or Attack game was a favorite because it was reduced. And baseball is really just rock scissors paper. Are you gonna throw a strike or a ball? Do I swing or not?

Now Shawn finally got the Wii. And we play tennis. And he’s been pretty regularly beating me. Though I think I’m the only person to have beaten him. And the last few days have been nice, cause I get to end the day on a win streak. And today – I beat him all day. The games are pretty intense, considering that you only swing. You don’t control your player’s movement.

I think what adds to the pressure is that we’re trying to stay quiet at work.

I realized today that it’s really just a more complicated version of Pong. And I love it more because of it. And cause I’m starting to win more.

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  1. Combat. It was called Combat. it came with the console (at least it did with mine) and it’s the best game cartridge atari ever produced.

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