Nov 262009

Ninja Assassin gets $7 out of the $10.50 I paid.

But a lot of the joy of the movie comes when I said “his pants are falling off!” during a training sequence. Then I look at Catherine. She’s already grinning.

“Oh. I guess you didn’t need me to point that out…”

Nov 252009

Catherine and I have struggled to find movies that we both really enjoy. Balls of Fury might be the most recent one we’ve seen in a theater together and enjoyed.

Her last pick – Invention of Lying – lost her pick privileges. We’re visiting the grandparents so that means one thing (besides being IT support) – we get to see a movie. And I’ve been picking The Box and she’s been fighting it.

Now, I doubt its gonna be a great movie, but I think its going to be a good conversation starter. Already we’ve gotten into a few fun chats about why one would or would not push the button.

Story is: push the button, get a million bucks, and oh yeah, someone you don’t know will die.

I say, butterfly effect says that you waving your arms around is killing people every day on the other side of the world, so why not make a million bucks while you’re at it.

Other people say you shouldn’t be directly related to anyone’s death.

So…the movie preview gets a little crazy at the end with the couple trying to protect their own kids, so there’s a twist in there somewhere – maybe the family of whomever is killed is told you’re responsible and you made a million off it. Or by pushing the button you get put into the lottery for who dies next time the next contestant pushes the button.

But till we see it, who knows?

And besides, what else are we gonna go see? Precious? She said she heard it was tough to watch and I asked why and she said it was cause she had a hard life and sad things happen. And as she said it, she realized that I’d be laughing at all the “wrong” times in the movie and she also declared that a movie we won’t be seeing together…

Either movie has already been worth the price of admission.

Jul 252009

Catherine’s watching some lame romantic comedy that’s got that Harlan comedian in it.

I laugh when he’s on the screen, not sure exactly why, but he can be funny sometimes.  That Dave Chappelle movie he was in was kind of funny.

Then Catherine reminds me that he was in Rocket Man.  So I laugh about that scene for a whlie in bed, till I realize I can probably go find it on YouTube.

And I did. You’re welcome.

Jul 132009

So we’re eating lunch at Taj yesterday.  Sal’s into the asian soap operas at the noodle houses (its also where we discovered Wipeout) and so we figured a little Bollywood would be right up his alley.

After watching him get so engaged, I couldn’t help but glance over and who do we see?

Lots of cuts to red carpet scenes from the Oscars and stuff.  Those rip off artists.  Pretending that their stunt double awards show would have these Hollywood stars attending.

Then things got weird when they had a guest presenter and it was Sly Stallone.

We couldn’t tell if it was CGI’d or what.  Were they dubbing him?  Cause his mouth just doesn’t move right anyway.  And the quality of the movie wasn’t that high that being out of sync wouldn’t be a surprise.

Then they weren’t talking in english anymore and we stopped paying attention.

Until they started speaking in english again and this time, Denise Richards is at the pool and kinda of dating the main dude (who Sly presented the stunt man award to).

Then they’re riding on some horse together and I think low budget or not, that’s not done with movie magic.

Then she’s supposed to get married to this guy.  And I’m thinking her life on It’s Complicated never mentioned any of this during the 1 episode I saw. She just hung out at the Sundance film festival with beefcake snowboarding instructors in the jacuzzi.

I don’t know if it was before or after Stallone had his awesome action scene, but I had to ask the people working there, about the movie.  It was amazing.

Kambakkht Ishq – I had her write the title down on my receipt later.

It’s quite a little gem – and we didn’t even have subtitles turned on.

Jun 072009

Will Ferrel was on Man vs. Wild and it was pretty funny.  He ate their emergency twinkie within the first 30 seconds.  Later on, he was eating reindeer eyeball.

But the commercials for Land of the Lost in the middle were my favorite part. They kept replaying the one with the mosquito that knocks him out.  I’ve watched that bit over and over so many times that eventually I noticed that he gets paler during the scene.  Cracks me up just thinking about it now.  How huge it gets when it goes behind him.

Anyway, the better commercials are for The Hangover.  Who’s gonna see that movie with me?  I fear I’m over hyping it for myself, but I like thinking about how difficult it would be to come home from a weekend trip missing a tooth and explaining that to Catherine.  Forget the tigers and Tyson and the baby and an unplanned marriage.  Or the dude in his underwear that pops out of the trunk.

They had me at taser to the face…

May 242009

Its a documentary on Showtime.

Not as good as Mail Order Wife but then I don’t think it had the same motivations either.

But it was interesting enough to watch all the way through.

Population under 5 years old in NYC has grown 30% since 2000.  That’s a lot of little ones.  They had a huge stroller parking lot shot during that stat.  Hit home.

Anyway, getting into preschool is a pain.  They have counselors that will charge you 4k to give you 6 sessions where they tell you things like college counselors tell you. You need to pick some stretch schools you need some safety schools and the majority of the schools you apply to should be somewhere inbetween.

Parents lie about how many schools they apply to (they apply to a dozen and but they only confess to 5 or 6).

I was actually rooting against a set of parents and their preschool journey.  How messed up is that?  And yes, they did end up moving to Connecticut or something cause they couldn’t get their kid into the right preschool in the city.

One set of administrators said they could charge 50k a year and still have a waitlist.  You only need 20 kids at 50k a year for a million bucks.  Surely we can handle 20 kids for 9 months I said to Catherine.  She knew that the “we” wasn’t really a “we” and just sighed at me.  But we still might quit our day jobs and go into that pre-school counseling thing.

The best part was the ending, where they talk about how kindergarten is 10 times tougher.

Sal got his progress report the other day.  One of the sections where he wasn’t purely “Age Appropriate” was “Makes reasonable decisions”.  I read that and commented aloud how I was glad I wasn’t getting this report card. The teachers were nice, chuckled, and said that it wasn’t a report card, but was a progress report and that Sal’s progressing nicely.  We pay them to say things like that.

One of the things they went out of their way to stress was that we don’t need to rush/pressure Sal so much.  That we should enjoy him now and not focus on the “academics” but with playing and experiencing.  True Montessori stuff.  And it was a good reminder.  And I’m glad that my sister will take Sal out to beach adventures and barn dances, even if Sal’s a bit bummed out that there are no farm animals dancing there.

He’s already learning that you can’t trust everything you read.