Mar 152009

Davita got married.Saw that movie in the theater I guess 10 years ago.  We went with Davita, my cousin in law?  She’s my uncle’s wife’s sister’s daughter.  Someone told me that is officially called legal, but they’re from the south so even that seems overkill.

Anyway, I guess she was 12 or 13 at the time and she had seen the movie before and was just killing time by seeing it with us again.  I thought I could mess with her young mind and talked about how Newsweek did a cover story on how the whole movie was actually an experiment to find people out there that could really see dead people.  They felt people with those skills existed but they weren’t sure how to find them, so the movie had a dual purpose.  The unfortunate side effect being that the majority of the public didn’t get all that they could out of the movie.

I was just killing time too.  Making up silly trash talk about the movie.  During the movie, when people would get spooked cause zombies were roaming around, I’d lean over and ask her what all the commotion was about, cause I couldn’t see any of it.  She’d patiently explain to me what was going on.

Then, at the end of the movie, when it dawns on Bruce that he’s dead, she leans over and asks me if I have seen Bruce Willis in the movie at all.

That’s when I really fell for Davita.  The patience, tolerating my pointless babble, waiting it all out, knowing that I was just tightening the noose the whole time.  I really liked that.

She got married yesterday.  Disco ball and light beer in hand.  Good for her and the best of luck!

Jul 222006

Some are concerned that my recent posts about weddings might offend. I don’t mean to offend, just stating an opinion. Any relation to any real weddings is purely coincidental. Uh huh. Actually, it’s spawned off a couple of interesting conversations, which I enjoy and think makes it all worthwhile. I’ve included a picture of Sal after trying to feed himself cottage cheese. Kind of unrelated, just a funny little picture, unless you’re thinking of inviting us to a wedding and serving cottage cheese…

Someone mentioned they had a similar no children policy and now that he’s got a kid, him and his wife realized they were made a mistake.  [The best part of that story was that his grandmother saw the note on the invitation that said “Adult reception to follow” and she thought there were going to be pornstars there.  Go grams!]  Another person’s mother-in-law said no kids is fine, but allow babies. It just takes experience to know better sometimes – it’s only a mistake the second time you do it…

Then some feel my wedding review has potential for trouble. I didn’t mean it that way – I was just making my observations. The underbelly of the whole situation was interesting to me.  I just like those types of topics. Some don’t think there’s any need to be making comments like that about a wedding. Maybe. Maybe not. But I can’t undo it, so in fairness, I’ll do mine.

For my wedding – things that I would have commented on:

  • Learn how to light candles – fumbling up at the unity candle lets interest wane. Lighting the table on fire also wouldn’t be a good thing. It’d keep everyone’s interest, but at what cost?
  • Get fly strips. Or bug spray. Or take a shower.  The fly hovering around the groom is distracting.
  • More hors d’oeuvres. They were tasty but there just weren’t enough of them. And get a bouncer to keep people from hanging out and pouncing on the food as it leaves the kitchen.
  • Get a better looking groom.
  • Make sure the groom’s sister can get a drink anytime she wants. Any drink. She shouldn’t have to throw her weight/clout around – “Do you know who I am?” shouldn’t need to be said at a reception with an open bar. Maybe some sort of ID bracelet or something for people that are allowed to drink at anytime?
  • If you’re going to go through the trouble of choreographing the first dance, go through the trouble of being able to recognize the song when they start playing it. Or alternatively, just use the CD instead of asking the band to learn the song (and give it their own flavor in the process).
  • Are you serious? A country song for your first dance?
  • Give people a mic when they’re doing speeches. Make sure the mic & person speaking are in the same main room as everyone else. Unless you really want to make it seem like the voice is from above.
  • Acknowledge that when Indiana (Ben) and Atlanta (Aunt Donna) and booze all mix together, things can get a little strange.  The overflow room for the Indiana folk was a good idea, why wasn’t it used throughout?
  • Include 18 holes of golf as a parting gift, because that course looked sweet.
  • …and the one I actually heard – Auction off dates with the groomsmen. Well, I heard it regarding one of them, but might as well do them all. Spread the love!

Okay – are we even now?  Or did that just make things worse?

Jul 152006

We hit up our 3rd wedding with Salvador today. Pickings are getting slim – when the groom threw out the garter, there was only one single guy there at the wedding. And he was the bride’s sister’s boyfriend. Instead of lots of single folk, there were lots of little babies. Probably 6 or so? There was a little stroller parking lot over in one corner…Sal was eager to check out some other rides.

Anyway, the couple was already married – longish story about green cards, parents, various countries and timing that lead to them already being married. So I was thinking, this would be a quickly little ditty. I didn’t know that they had lots of speeches planned.

To have a good wedding, you need a good speaker. It’s probably not sufficient. But I think it’s necessary. Without a good speaker, you’ll lose the audience. People will start making side comments…minds wander. A good speaker will get everyone sentimental about the stories, instead of just the family members that get the inside jokes are or so proud of their little boy/girl.

This one had its ups and downs. Which was fine cause the highs were good enough. And partially because the speakers were pretty interesting. Lesbian professor that ended up taking on the bride as a tenant at one point. Okay, that stands out. She’s even a pretty serious golfer and was there setting up the surprise proposal on the 12th hole…nice.

But it didn’t seem like the bride and groom talked about their speeches much. They had completely different topics/agendas during each of their talks that made it seem that way. He went first, and thanked each invitee for coming, with a little story about them. Did each without any notes, which lead to a few funny mistakes. Then got a little teary eyed while talking of his parents.

She just recited her vows to him (from notes). Which was sweet. And short. And made my earlier comment a bit funnier. My earlier comment came when the groom was done with the stories about everyone and he had a final story about his wife. And then he lead into the vows. But they weren’t his vows. They were the vows he had in mind for her. That she should stay true to herself and strong and some other sweet cuteness…because if she does, he’ll always love her. Which was nice I suppose, but not a straightforward nice set of vows. More like vows that put all the pressure on her.

If you stay perfect – as in, my definition of perfect, which can change over time – then I’ll always love you.

So I was a little surprised when she came out without any family and friend stories. And with her own vows, instead of his vows. Didn’t seem like they talked about their speeches.

Vow critiques aside, a nice little wedding. I might be tempted to use the word quaint.

Oh – then the band started. Man, Salvador had his eye on the gourd thing that the dude on the keyboard had. We saw him with it when they were warming up. But when it came out during a real song, Sal was in a trance. Standing. Staring. The gourd player could feel the concentration and they locked onto each other for a bit. It was pretty cool.

They also played some latin music – which included some spirited yelling and Salvador again was all over that. Finally – a bunch of people who loved just blowing and letting their lips bounce around against each other ending with a squeal! I think the band was Sal’s favorite part of the wedding. Oh – and the hay. He loved picking up the hay.

And he snuck a little swedish cupcake in too.

To think we almost missed all of this because of another wedding. In the end (well, much earlier than the end…probably the beginning of the middle?) it turned out I wasn’t invited to the other wedding, so it wasn’t an issue. Which, because I’m a little off center, actually still worked out for me, since I got a lot of pleasure out of the conversations around the situation.

Hmm…maybe my definition of happiness hasn’t changed that much since Salvador…

May 242006

Checking out the 360 beta site (sorry – must be on the Yahoo! network to see it) and found a co-worker who had this video on youtube.  At first, I was thinking it was supercheesy, then I realized I like supercheesy and just enjoyed how real it was.  Even the real cheesy parts. Ended up all sweet and stuff.

I think I like weddings for that. (I know, this wasn’t a wedding, but just the appetizer…) Not the whole marriage thing, but the party.  Or not the party, but the celebration of two folks and how it brings people together. I think that I miss that about our wedding – there were lots of folks there that we hadn’t seen in a while and it was good to see them – as I was watching people come in, I was thinking we should do this more often. Though I suppose people don’t go out of their way unless it is a big deal. Good thing Salvador’s having a birthday party.   Didn’t get your invite? We must have made a mistake. Let me know.

Oh – and Cheetos flavored Coke – I like the idea.