Oct 132012

I’ve had many discussions about self-motivation vs pressure and I’ve had to come to the sad realization/admission that when it comes to self-motivation and my weight, it just ain’t there.

But people seem to be less and less eager to get into weight bets with me.  Or at least, they make them more and more complicated that we just can’t agree on terms.

The Tailgate sampler platter at BW3s doesn’t help either.

So the only thing left to do is crowdsource pressure.  Here’s my New Year’s Resolution/Bet:

In 2013, if we are ever out for a meal or a drink and you casually ask me if I’m under 213, if I can’t say “Yes” honestly, I’ll pick up your tab.  As easy as that.  Benefit from hanging out with the fat man.

I’ll weigh myself at least once a week. And will fess up about my weight if things ain’t right.

Now, Catherine might not let me go out for meals if I’m over, but that’s a different problem.

Maybe that’ll encourage more people to invite us out?

May 062009

I found a blog a while back some how or another, that was kind of interesting.  I referred Catherine to it, cause I thought she might like it more than me (she still reads dooce, I do not) but since it is on my MyYahoo page and I use the “top picks for your page” module, I occasionally get exposed to the blog.

Today’s article, on how to pick the people you work with made me chuckle, cause you’re supposed to hire women that smile, but not too easily.  When I read that, I told Catherine that she probably smiles too easily at work to be really successful.  Make them work for it!

But that article lead to tips on being a CEO with kids which was kind of interesting to hear how she balances her work/life issues which lead to a couple of articles which eventually described how she hired a house manager.  The idea of a house manager is interesting – especially cause she’s paying 50k for that position in Madison, WI.  But anyway for some reason I decided to read some of the comments on this one article and there she replies to someone who states she sounds defensive.

In the reply, she shares that she might be a bit defensive and her friends in similar situations are defensive…but they do so in private. She’s here to just share things.  Which I can appreciate. Cause I feel that there are lots of things other parents must be feeling, “in private”, about raising their kids that I feel too, but you don’t hear about much.  It’s not all rainbows and unicorns but that’s not part of the advertising. Though her and I have different issues with child rearing – but I agree with her about not being able to fool them…these kids catch on and we’re not as smart as we think, as parents.

Anyway, that “in private” thing struck a chord, because I want to read the articles where people confess about how they lose their tempers with their kids and how you recover from it.  We’re going to lose our composure – why ignore that fact – and let’s talk about how we get it back.  Some mornings, when Sal and I are getting ready for school, we can feel it in the air.  There’s going to be a fight.  Like a hockey game…the edge is there and everyone’s just waiting for it to happen.  I don’t know how we get into that state and I don’t know that it’s necessarily a bad thing, it just happens.  In fact, last time it happened, I kind of liked it, cause I ended up complimenting Sal on how quickly he pulled himself together.  So we’re learning about each other…but I just haven’t found that parenting book that explains how to fight with your 3 year old.

Though I figure, in private, I could learn a lot from other parents about it.

Anyway, the last article I read (which I read while writing this) was good food for thought too and might be the most useful – about how to balance your money and your happiness.  Yes.  I’m just waiting for the 2010 Hyundais to come out.

Jan 302009

So there is that 25 things about me chain letter going around.  And I wanna respond.  But Catherine is kind of thinking my idea is no good.

The 25 things I want to share are things I know about people I tag.  It is me, sharing things about me and my network. I wouldn’t call people out by name, but rather, let the audience wonder and/or maybe inspire people that are tagged to explain more about the situation or the circumstances…cause they should be good stories. And because often times there would be more than 1 person that would fit the bill…we all think we’re so unique…but really aren’t.

Catherine is wondering why I need to take a perfectly fine, innocent idea, and twist it.

Why did the scorpion sting the frog?

Wouldn’t it be fun though? Let’s pretend I don’t listen to my wife…25 things you didn’t know about me:

  • I know someone that has shown too much skin in Vegas and is trying to be coy about it and pretend that it was an accident or that they don’t remember.
  • I know someone that has had their sexuality mistaken repeatedly, by various people, each story being wonderfully fun, because the teller is so surprised as they tell their own story.  Or just as good: when someone else tells the story about how so surprised the person was.
  • I know someone that has dated a stripper/criminal/NFL cheerleader (3 different situations, but more than 1 checkbox applies to all but one of the datees).  Like take them over to their family’s house for the holidays dated.
  • I know someone that has had a same sex lap dance unintentionally.  Repeatedly.
  • I know someone that has had intimate dreams about me.

It is like PostSecret, except I’m sharing them instead of the secret holder.  Or even better yet, making them up (like that last one).  Cause really – people are only sharing the things they want known – when the really interesting stuff is the stuff they’re not telling us.  Sure, we all know you love your family – what we don’t know is who are you pretending to love?  That’s what I’d like to share.  For you.

It’d be more viable if the Whopper Sacrifice didn’t claim my boarderline friends already…except that I probably didn’t know any juicy secrets about them anyway.

May 302008

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Man alive. I’d like to support Yahoo web hosting and small business solutions, but they just don’t have it going on. Their version of wordpress is 2.3 something and there are alerts all over telling you to upgrade (but one can’t…or at least, one can’t easily) and they don’t have the visual editor enabled for some reason and then, the real kicker was, my pages stopped rendering.

At least the export function and import function over here worked okay…we’ll see.

Since we lost all my tags, I’ve been looking for add-ons that make tagging easier. I don’t mind the going back and re-tagging, cause I like reading me, but I just need to make the mechanics a bit easier.

There are two – the “inline tag thing” that gives the little javascript sweetness in page tagging that we had on 360. And another, tagit – that provides me a link that takes me to a random post that’s got no (or the fewest) tags on it, if I’m in the mood to take a walk through my posts and tag. Well, at least that’s what I thought. Turns out, the guy calls his widget “tagit” and refers to it that way in the docs, but the source calls it “taggit” so he’s a little out of sync. And it’s not a random walk either – it is deterministic. But since I was editing his file anyway…

This architecture is pretty smooth. The webhosting/deployment gets in the way, but the software once it’s running, is okay. Still no idea what happened to my yahoo hosted pages to just make them stop working…

Apr 092008

360 must really be dead and done with if catherine’s posting more often than me. I’ve really been let down by the service. Even more disappointed that I work at the company and don’t have any better insight into the way this came about. I wish I could say I trust the migration, but I can’t. I’ll have to try and go and host our blogs elsewhere. Somewhere we own and control in order to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

Lots of stuff to write about, but not really in the mood, when it takes 3-4 tries to post and then just as many tries to see if the post stuck.

Wondering if Twitter is the right way/decent way to track Sal’s phrases. He’s getting more and more chatty now that it’s almost too hard to remember to write it down at a blog. Much easier for me to punch it out on the blackberry and just let it get recorded/shared just like that. Maybe that’s moblogging too…

Sal came to our softball game Monday. I was at bat. I could hear a little voice saying “Go big or go home!” And it wasn’t coming from inside my head. (His nanny taught him that phrase.) And earlier he was at the fence shouting “You can’t go fast if you go too slow!” – from The Backyardigans. He’s enthusiastic…

Dec 202007

and that I’m willing to confess to.

1 – Why do they actually “ship to store” when the local store has it and it’s in stock. I bought an item as a gift from Radio Shack. Odd, I know, but Radio Shack has it in stock, while Circuit City and Best Buy and Amazon are all out of stock of it. And by buying online, through a uPromise link, I’m saving 6 bucks for Sal’s college fund. And I select “ship to store” since that’s free. I thought that they wouldn’t actually ship it. That instead, they’d just say – okay, since the store has it in stock, you can just go pick it up there. But today, I saw that it’s got a FedEx shipping tracking number and will arrive on Dec 26th. So, now I’m going to go buy one tomorrow that is in stock, and then get a notice on the 26th that the one I really bought has arrived and I’ll use the receipt I get tomorrow to return the one that I pick up on the 26th. Why?

2 – Sal wanted to see a dog skateboarding movie. So we goto YouTube and find some. Then we find other funny animal videos. And I saw a pretty good/sad/interesting commercial in them. It’s at around the 4:30 mark in the video below…and is based on the still image they’ve got in the video player. Poignant. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before.

But we had to get through the strange set of events going on at the 3:30 mark of the compilation. I was surprised that was in there, yet pleased that Sal didn’t ask any questions…still, I don’t understand why it’s in the compilation.

And how bad is it that I was wondering how it really ended? And how did the camera guy get this footage? I think my camera would have been much shakier as I was laughing…