Jun 172008

“My boyfriend wants me to have blonde highlights in my hair and I told him that I’d do it, but he’d have to pay for it. When he got the $200 bill every other month, he was a bit surprised that it cost that much.”

“Yeah. I could think of other ways to spend $200 on you.”

“He spends too much money on me. I tell him not to, but he does. He’s 35.”


“I know. I’m only 21. My mom says that he probably thought he was getting some sweet submissive young girl, but that’s not the case at all. I’m so not that.”


“Like the other day, he got home and he was complaining about something and I told him to shut up. The house was clean and dinner was ready. What does he have to complain about?”

“Yeah. Sounds perfect. I’m 35 and 21 sounds pretty good…” [Rest of this thread is removed cause I got in enough trouble when it actually happened.] “…So, for Sal’s party – would you be interested in dressing up as Cinderella? It is his favorite princess.”

“Really? I’d so do that!”

There was some doubt as to whether we were each taking each other seriously, but at the end of class, we discussed the timing of the costume hand off and double checked the dates. So it was pretty straightforward booking Cinderella for the party. Realizing that she liked living out dreams of 35 year old men was the key. But that’s making it all about me, when it really isn’t. Realizing that she considered herself Sal’s soccer girlfriend was what made the deal.

Spiderman was pretty easy too. Jason and I were talking when he was changing – where Jason was realizing he didn’t even put up a fight.

“For Sal’s birthday, will you dress up as a superhero? Spiderman or maybe Wolverine?”


Logistic wise Spiderman ended up being the better choice. And that was that.

Next year, Shawn’s gonna be the Human Torch. It was something various people requested. Dan is penciled in for Mr. Fantastic. I thought cause he was all stretchy and lanky. But Dan sees it more because he’s the genius inventor geek. With two of the Fantastic Four, scheduled already, now I’m motivated to get the Invisible Girl (should be easy…and fun!) and the Thing (less easy…less fun).

Any Thing volunteers? Or suggestions?

May 252007

I was thinking of finding another pay per post topic to post, to make some money. Then I found this story. Dude is 11 years old. Pig is huge! Money can wait.

Lots to write about. Very little time. Well, it is energy really.

Haven’t even watched the end of Heroes. But have had several discussions about it. And fast forwarded through most of it.

Basically – no one really died. Maybe Malcom MacDowell. And Eric Roberts. But everyone else can still have a story to be alive. Peter for whatever reason. He can recombine and stuff. Hey – is he limited to only 1 skill at a time? Why couldn’t he fly himself into space? Just needed to hug it out?

Brother didn’t die, cause he could have flown him up, then let go, and left, and Peter explodes before falling back down. Still seems like safer thing would have been for Cheerleader to shoot him. Poetic too.

It all comes down to – though they have superpowers, they aren’t necessarily smart.

I like that storyline. Though I’m not sure that’s what the creators intended.

I would have rather all, or most of the characters die. Then next season, we watch another set of superpowered people struggle with their own new issues. But I guess these actors don’t want their gravy train drying up.

24 – haven’t seen it. Law and Orders had pretty good finales.

For the summer? Rescue Me. It has been good stuff in the past. Very good stuff.

Dec 262006

Catherine: Oh, I’m sure he’s going to like that.

This stems from watching X-Men 3. I know that the picture above is Batman related, but it’s a LEGO set I got recently. Mainly, I wanted the whip – for some reason, a LEGO whip seems cool. Unique at least.

So if you’re thinking you want to see the X-Men movie and don’t want the end ruined, you can stop reading now. If you’ve seen it – then I’ve got a serious question about the story…

At the end, they look at the cure needles and realize that this is what they’ve got to do. And I’m thinking – oh, they’ve found a way out of this Phoenix thing – where he’s in love with her and she’s dangerous. So I figure the plan is to neutralize Magneto a bit and then normalize Jean. Then he can still “love her” and she won’t be a threat to the world either. Best of both worlds.

But no – they normalize Magneto and then kill Jean. And then end with Magneto getting some of his powers back. Blah blah blah. What’s the use of a sequel if I’m done trusting the story?

It was cool that they killed Xavier, but he’ll be back somehow – wasn’t Jean? Cyclops is lame anyway, so he can be done. And Rogue giving up her powers – yeah – that matters in the case of a sequel.

But McCoy could have just as easily broken Magneto’s neck instead of giving him the “cure”. And then Wolverine could have given the cure to Jean instead of the metal fingers. And the world’s problems would have been solved. I don’t get it. Do the comic books have this many holes or does Hollywood make the holes for “business” reasons?

Anyway – the movie still has me all for killing all the mutants, since one doesn’t know if they mutants are going to use their power for good or not. Unless I was a mutant. Then I’d be all for killing all the people that want mutants killed. Or even on the fence. Actually, all people that don’t want to be mutant slaves is probably where I would draw the line. And maybe even some mutants with lame mutant powers.

Oct 042006

So people seem to be into Heroes.

I bought the hype going into it – preseason – it was a show that got my interest.

But the first show left me wanting more.  And not more as in Entourage more, where I want more minutes. I wanted more for my hour I just invested.  Chuck says it’s good character development. But he’s all hot and bothered by the show cause 2 of his comic book folk are somehow associated with the show (exec producers…or something).  They can do no wrong in his eyes. Which is good – I know that as I watch the show, I can at least talk to Chuck about it afterwards and get some enjoyment out of the show that way.

It does have a good comic book feel to it – and maybe once I look at it that way, I’ll enjoy it more.  Catherine didn’t watch the first show, but did like the 2nd.  More than I liked either of the first two. Combined probably even. I fell asleep during the end of the 2nd one. She woke me up to ask about what happened in the first show.

“Blond lady kills guys, Japanese guy stops a clock, indian guy is looking for his dad, but that creepy other dad was in his cab and the cheerleader heals herself but isn’t nice to the geek and the cop wasn’t in it. Nurse dude thought he could fly, but Chuck likes that he can’t, that the cooler brother has everything, cause that’s a twist on the standard comic book twist, but i think he can and the druggie guy can paint the future.”   Then I was out.

As it is, I don’t like how the single mom has a real smart interracial kid.  Seems too PC and perfect. While we’re talking about her, how come blacking out and seeing things in the mirror is a superpower?  Seems more like your average personality disorder that they get on Law and Order Criminal Intent. And Ali Larter seems to not be who I was thinking it was. Who was the doritos girl that used to host some animal channel show and might have been a Ms. America type?  Ali something.

The little asian guy – he’s kind of my favorite (he blogs – infrequently though – maybe he can go back in time and fix that) but its not clear to me why teleportation includes time travel. Though – if you’re gonna get one, you might as well have the other. But that seems like such a more substantial ability to control – two dimensions to figure out now.  And 5 weeks to go from Japan to NY?  I did it in less than 12 hours once…

Catherine told me the next day both guys could fly. So I like that twist on the twist of the standard comic book twist. And since she likes the show so much, we’ll be watching that for a while now. I think the “coming this season” part of the show is effective in keeping my interest. We’ll just see how long it takes for that to transition from the last 30 seconds into the show.

NBC confuses me with the fact that their shows can be compressed into 2 minutes. Why waste the rest of our hour then?  But they are streaming the whole show online now too…that’s nice.

But still not as nice as Dexter.