Jun 072010

I was dreaming the other night we’re at the beach and I had misplaced my glasses.  For some reason I was using prescription sunglasses instead of contacts.  And so I’m just looking around for the glasses.  Which is kind of hard when your eyes are as bad as mind.

Then Catherine says – “Hey, those girls over there are topless.”

And I look over.

And I can’t see anything!

You’d figure, since this was a dream and all, that my vision would some how be miraculously restored and then it’d lead to some hi-jinx.  But no.

I’m getting old and my brain is getting lazy.   It no longer wants to render my dreams completely but is writing in cheesy plot twists (Cris can’t find his glasses!) to avoid having to build out extensive sets (and body parts).


Jun 192009

I’ve got a new hire starting in 10 days.  For various reasons, I haven’t met him yet.  Might have a phone call with him next week.

But I dreamed about meeting him last night.  He was an obnoxious racist chauvinst.

You think we’d get along okay right?

Then he poured his cereal on me and threatened me with a knife (watching the Real World/Road Rules reunion as I fall asleep might have had side effects).

I know our new guy won’t be anything like this, but it was one of those dreams that was vivid enough that it’ll stick in my head for a while.

Apr 262006

I had a bad fever over the weekend and a lingering sore throat convinced catherine to get me a doktor’s appt. They called this morning to say the doktor was sick and I’d need to goto urgent care if I wanted someone today. So here I am, using the blackberry’s web client to post to 360.

I almost got run over in the parking lot. In some ways, what do you expect, walking behind the handicap spots at urgent care. I also thought of all places to get run over, this wouldn’t be so bad.

Sore throats normally don’t send me to the doktor, but cause Sal is around, I gave in. This version is particularly painful too. So much that it got into my dream last night. It was figured out that someone had put a poisoned gun against my throat and that my esophagus (no other web window to look up spelling in…) was being digested every time I swallowed. There was a neat little animation done (in the style of medicine commercials) to explain what would happen – how my food tube would disconnect with my throat and just fall ontop of my stomach and then when I ate, food would just fall into my body in random locations. Could be fatal.

My throat only really hurts when I swallow. Its been helping me to lose weight. Anyway, back in the dream, I had 3 police detectives working with me to figure out who put the gun on me. One, I thought was cool, cause he was wearing sunglasses. Turns out he was blind. We’re about to kick in a door in some building to catch people, when I must have swallowed cause the pain woke me up.

To get my mind of the pain, I started to think about how useless this blind cop was going to be when we kicked in the door. So in this strange, dream editing state, I floated him out of the building and wanted to put him someplace more fitting. First place he ended up? Point guard for the Wizards.

I felt like Bart – my imagination failed me.

I eventually got to sleep and got another dream diagnosis – it was the head of a tape worm working its way out of me, again attacking my food tube.

This doktor says its probably just strep throat. Will find out in 10 minutes.

Aug 292005

Won a tidy little sum in the GSN Lingo tourneys. Looked like maybe we’d be able to take sgrobins and his gal out for a little NTN action at Spoons or something, for all his dedicated programming.

Then I remembered that the shirt I wanted a while back – those aggressive koalas, got put up for an auction cause I guess the person got 2 XL shirts (but didn’t mention that to me). And the second one went for – oh say 130 austrailian dollars less than what I paid. Enough money that I don’t need to figure out what the exchange rate is to realize I got screwed. Not by the seller. But by my own irrational desires (do I have any other type?)? So, I guess it might be disturbing enough that people aren’t into it. I thought this German collector who had outbid me on other shirts would have bid on this rarity. But even he draws the line somewhere?

But I did have a dream – about the Lingo game – and how the pattern recognition on the bitmap would be rather easy – we just need to sample a bit in the corner somewhere for black/yellow/red. And then we just need a copy of the 26 letters. We use those 26 templates to XOR onto the various positions – and the ones that have the least change (maybe we’re off a pixel or something) is the match. The XOR part was the new thought from the dream. Before, when conscious and thinking about it, I was thinking Hoffman networks and pattern matching and OCR tools – which made it all seem too hard to do.

But XOR’ing against the window bitmap – that’s cake…we only need an app that can drive Flash applications…

And strangely enough, in that dream, I was asked to change shirts, cause the Mambo shirt I was wearing was making some people in the seminar or whatever I was going to, uncomfortable. And I had on me, two other shirts, which came from inside a magazine. And one was a Mambo cowboy/western shirt (which I’ve been secretly keeping an eye out for on eBay…) and so I switch to that, cause it’s just got tumbleweeds and cow skulls on it. And it had french cuffs. And the default cuff links that came with it, though branded Mambo, were quality cufflinks (with actual hinges). And the “large” fit me comfortably.

What a dream…