Mar 152011

I like the show.  I’m thrown off cause my brother mentioned how Archer and Bob from Bob’s Burgers have the same voice.  But the writing is funny enough that I keep pulling it down on demand.

It also came up recently, that my brother wanted the Pirate Virus as a ringtone.  I hadn’t seen that episode yet, so I blindly made the mp3 for him and that was that.  Then last night I watched the episode.  It is a good one – and not just because of the twins.

Good enough, or at least they played the tone over and over enough that it found a happy spot in my brain, such that I felt I should make an iPhone compatible format of the ringtone, so at worst, I can set it to Marco’s personalized ring for when he calls me.  That once a year.  In Vegas.  I’m sure I’ll hear it.

What? What?

The mp3 version.

The m4r version for your iPhone (right click save it, then drop the file into iTunes, sync it onto your device, and enjoy).

Mar 092009

So, outsourcing it this time. Too much hassle for me last time. Though there are things I’d like to change about this game, they do have some fun parts (scoring points if the girls stand and dance during the song or if Randy refers to your pick as “dawg”) that I wouldn’t be diligent enough to count on for scoring if we were running the game.

20 dollars gives you a chance to show off your Idol savvy.

Feb 072009


Or has already.

Man Vs. Food will air their San Jose episode on March 4th.

Henry’s Hi-Life – which is one of the first places I went to in San Jose.  I remember following Marco and Kelly around and it was a dive of a steak house that was almost underneath an overpass.  And we had vegetarians with us.  They have salads on the menu, but turns out those salads are “side” salads served in tiny bowls just to pass the time till your steak comes out.  Then years later, I ended up working downtown and going to Henry’s for lunch every now and then.  It is good grub.  Used to be token bet for us.  Stumps burger or Henry’s steak.

Iguana’s Taqueria – not sure about this one – will need to look it up.  Done.  (This internet is amazing!)  They have carne asada fries!  Looks like we have a lunch plan for tomorrow.  And a burritozilla that will be featured on the show.

And then there’s the 911 challenge, though they’ve changed their name to Smoke Eaters.  Seeing how we’d match up to a pro will be interesting…

Jan 272009

Momma’s Boys were conflicting with the Bachelor so I’ve let it slip. But now that JoJo’s on his way, I can catch up. And admire how perfectly flawed the show is.

So perfectly, that no one on the show realizes it.

The women all are shocked how much more in love they are than they thought going into the show.

And the dude thinks that he can goto some photo shoot and make out with all the girls and then goto dinner afterwards and expect it to be a fun party.

Instead of a room full of women pissed off that they had to watch “their guy” make out with every other girl.

Easy mistake to make.

But how long do those effects last?  How does a guy go from 20 women fighting over him, eager to get kissy faced with him at any stolen moment, to getting married a few months later?  How long does it take to undo all the ego boosting that was done on the show?  That show should be an unhealthy boost of confidence for the dude, no?

So much so that he doesn’t give out a rose early – kind of cocky.  Ben says it’s planned to bring back the girl that dumped him.  But the previews for next week make that seem like it’s another week away at least.

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Dec 232008

Okay, I wasn’t planning on watching this show, but stumbled on it last week as Catherine was pooped out from her vacation and I didn’t have to answer any questions or deal with any of those “What are you watching?!?” glances.  And with all dating reality shows, watch at least the kickoff show to see what kind of crazies they’ve rounded up for the show.

This one’s got them.  But they added the extra layer of moms to it.  So you’ve got the guys that live at home and have their lives run by their mothers, but you also bring the overbearing mothers into the show. The show describes itself as the intersection between a mother’s wants for their son and their son’s own desires.  Sounds cheesey, sure but it plays out nicely on the cameras.

There’s only been two shows so far, but here are some of the highlights:

  • One of the mothers is a bit racist.  Now, as Avenue Q has pointed out, in song even, we’re all a little bit racist, but we don’t all advertise it on TV.  Even worse, we don’t all have it aired to a racially mixed group of people that we’ll be living with for the next X days.  She’s gonna be a handful.  One of the girls of color has decided to make her son, JoJo, her target.  Because that would make the point so much better than just arguing with the mom.  They have teasers for future episodes where the mom’s flying around in a helicopter with a TV feed of her son making out with this girl in a jacuzzi.  The mom hits the window of the copter, causing the pilot to ask her to calm down.  This show risks people’s lives!
  • One of the girls is batty.  The kind that laughs nervously non-stop, then cries, then laughs again.  My favorite moments are when people leave the room and she shouts out something to them, laughing extra loud so they can hear, then letting the cameraman show her as the laugh dies down and she doesn’t know what to do next.  Then remembers that the cameras are still around, so starts to laugh again.
  • Another girl has been in Playboy and outed herself the first night of the show.  But she was in Playboy in the 90s.  Another girl saw the other girls reactions to that information (general disgust and holier than thou) and kept quiet about being the 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year (find your own links).  She’s been real sweet to the moms though and the moms are pushing her on their sons, but she is real low key.  It’ll be interesting to see how the mothers’ attitudes will change when this bomb drops.
  • The moms fight with each other. They are competing over girls for their sons, even though, so far, no son has really listened to their mom about who they should choose for the 1-1 date.  The moms are actually upset with their sons’ choices even.  So they take it out on each other, talking about how X would be better for their son.  And of course, how their son would be better for X, when compared to the other son.  I like the extra dimension to the reality show craziness that the moms introduce.  I’m kind of afraid of, but also looking forward to, judging all the folks that Sal has an interest in.  Or doesn’t have an interest in, as this show has shown me that’s fair game too.  And also looking forward to the conversations with Catherine about who is good for Sal and why.
  • Watching the guys try and listen to their mom, while they’ve got a girl that’s “just my type” wanting to go out on a date with them, is great.  The moms know what’s going to happen. The guys know what’s going to happen. And I guess, depending on your perspective, it’s like watching a car wreck or a lion make a kill, or the symbiotic dance between fig tree and the fig tree wasps and nematodes.  Yeah, we kick it with a little Nature in HD on Sunday nights too…
  • Dana White, of UFC fame, came and ran the first “competition” for the women. They had to do the 11 minute UFC workout (no kettlebells though).  And they did fine and looked good while doing it. Then the guys come in. They feel like they got something to prove as they go through the same workout.  Two end up puking…their mothers next to them trying to soothe their egos as they puke.  One of them needed medical attention cause his heart rate went up and blood pressure went down.  One of the girls is studying to be a Doctor and the non-puking dude contestant is a firefighter, so they monitored his vitals till the paramedics came to whisk him away.  Did I mention that this show risks people’s lives?!? Full disclosure as I mock those that throw up during workouts: I was perfectly happy being in contention for that “first to vomit” award at the fitness challenge, and who knows, if there were 22 women around in spandex, maybe I would have pushed myself to the point of throwing up…something to keep in mind at next year’s challenge.
  • The selfless, afraid of loving cause love hurts, plain jane that went through a trashy girl make-over, that hides from the show by doing dishes all the time, girl got saved by the guys, but then, she was still too afraid to continue on the show, so she kicked herself off, leaving the girl that would have been kicked off asking if she could have a second chance with the guys.  It was one of the better, confusing, emotionally charged and thoroughly mixed up, reality moments.

It does a great job of exposing all the expectaions and pressures that we inadvertently put on others in our lives.  And watching people try and cope with those conflicting needs is very entertaining.  I don’t think there are that many good actors to pull this off if it wasn’t real hurt/confusion/ignorance.  Though maybe the guys from Joe Schmoe could make a decent try at it.

Probably all I could ask for would be to have this show on VH1 or Fox, where they’d really make it juicier.

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Dec 062008

Always Sunny in Philadelphia has amused me for a while now.  This season has really impressed me – probably my favorite show this year.  One episode in particular, where Dee and Charlie walk a bit in each other’s shoes. She thinks his problems are made up…and he thinks they’re solutions to problems. I’ve found that’s a recurring theme in my interactions with others lately too.

I love the energy the two have together – even though Charlie’s married to the waitress and Dee’s married to Mac.  But even alone, they seem to really be in the scene.  For instance, in this clip, there’s a part where Charlie’s gonna lift up a can that’s filled and will splash on him.  Filiming it, they know it is full – yet when he yanks it up – they nail genuine surprise…I love it.

Not to mention how great Devito is in there. And the way they close out their standup routines in this one –

I love it. I said that already. And I still mean it.

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