Jan 162010

The Robinson’s were kind enough to deck our family out with shirts with this on them.

And I guess it was kind of a dig, but they’re not really the type to make digs like that, which makes it that much more special of a dig.

Anyway, I wore the shirt yesterday.  And I was planning on buying 2 dozen donuts on the way to work.  But I got a late start, chit chatting with our nanny and Sal and getting her family tickets to go see Avenue Q and explaining why it wouldn’t be appropriate for my kid to go see this play with muppets, yet it was okay for her kids to go.  Double standards and all.

So I thought I could grab a donut at lunch, or a snickerdoodle, or at least a couple cookies from the catered lunch at the interview function I was set to rebel against my shirt.

I got distracted at lunch, figuring out how much more food I could get into the to-go box vs. a plate.  But it was chicken saag…with extra carne asada fajitas on the side under the naan.

And then the interview thing – there were no cookies left.

And when 5 o’clock rolled around and Brian was getting a coffee I looked at the donuts behind the glass and I just kept on venting about work instead of throwing down some change for the donut.

So the shirt kind of worked in a reverse negative backwards kind of way.  We’ll see if it still works post fat dunking.

Jul 032007

Demographic changing event over the weekend. No longer in the 17-34 demographic. Though, there is a bit of question around whether the demographic is actually 17-35. I think it’s 17-34 and then 35 to who cares. Though so far, all I’ve accidentally seen (cause I’m trying to avoid them) are ads for 6 flags and travel to Italy (with a subtext about Hepatitis – so maybe it isn’t a travel agency sponsoring the ad).

Visited Las Vegas for about 36 hours over the weekend, summary:

  • Birthday rolls exist. I think the last time I had good rolls was after I was hypnotized. And in the past, I’ve had good rolls on my birthday (setting dice with Catherine, from Harrah’s through Ceasar’s and just on a run from casino to casino) and this year turned good too. Trip started out bad, as the first 6 hours were not my birthday, but once the day changed rolls came left and right. Though, not non-stop. There were some horrible spells sprinkled around too. Need to cut losses sooner. Stop finding excuses to continue to play.
  • My final roll for the day was my record roll for costing the casino. Though, I only made about 300 on it. Others made probably 5-8k on it each (2 of them) and the guy next to me, I filled his rack with green, so that was probably 3k or so. The dealers made 1k too. I rolled 4 11’s to come out. Others were betting 25, then maybe 75, then 150 and 200 and change. It took forever cause it was funny math that needed to be done – for the dealers and the players. Then I made some points. And rolled some hardways for the people. I don’t make these proposition bets often – betting the 11 or hardways, cause they’re sucker bets. But when someone gets on a roll like I did, they get pretty exciting. When my father wins big, he’ll tip the shooter. I thought maybe these guys would throw me a hundred or so. Which, percentage wise, would have made a big difference for my bottom line. After my roll, someone throws out 125, nice. But that was another tip for the dealers. Then another person throws out 100. But that’s his next set of proposition bets. Then Cammy, who had to watch the tail end of this (and would have also made a ton of money on the roll, cause she bets the prop bets, and actually had a similar type run of numbers on her own roll about 30 minutes earlier, but left to go play blackjack) said “How about tipping the shooter?” and the guy next to me heard her and responded with “How about a round of applause for the shooter!” It warmed my heart like money could not do. But it ain’t paying any bills either.
  • It might not have been all about my birthday though, as we did see the Hans Kluk magic show over at the Planet Hollywood casino, with special guest assistant, Pamela Anderson. Luck changed once we left that show too, so it could have been her. She did okay – probably as one would expect – as she was never known for being able to deliver lines very well. My favorite moment – when she forgot it was her line, and she was a little flustered and ditzy about it. That’s genuine Pamela there – me likey.
  • Someone puked on my father in a poker room. My sister was at a table facing him, saw the whole thing. Some drunk guy stumbling around, walks behind him, then bends over, she’s thinking he’s going to spill his drink, but when he stands up, he’s got some cottage cheese like niblets on his face. Lady next to my father starts freaking out, she got hit by some of the spray. It was all over my father’s chair and down his back. Poker room management told him to go see security, they’d take care of things. But they didn’t do anything – he had to buy a new shirt himself. My sister’s poker table was impressed with how calmly he handled things. When passing along that compliment to him, my father said that it was easy – as he knows what it is like to be a little too drunk, to have to throw up, to be doing that in public, and that this gentleman didn’t need any more hassling than whatever he was already in for. This brought up other conversations between my sister and myself about my father throwing up while we were growing up. Tears flowed.
  • Met MySpace girl, who seemed nice enough but surprisingly tiny. Not that I’m one to talk, since I married suprisingly tiny too. Just that when I find another suprisingly tiny one, I want Catherine to fight her for some reason. Not many opportunities.
  • Got lectured a lot about how Sal is not performing up to his potential. He can count to 20 in Spanish, from watching about a total of 8 minutes of Dora counting in Spanish. And he does know the difference between “counting” and “counting in Spanish”. So, the reasoning/lecturing goes: if he could learn that so quickly and effortlessly, he would know so much more if we put a little effort into his mental development. I think the projections were, that he should already know English, Spanish, Korean and Russian.
  • Nako finished 700 something out of 3000 something people in the World Series of Poker tourney. Not bad, but 700th place doesn’t pay anything. Not sure what place my sister finished in. Something higher. Was fun to play probably – I only invested in him. Though my sister won her way in by winning a satellite tourney. $175 and only need to beat 9 people, with the bonus that one of them was my father. Nako lost another 300 for me when I had 300 on the 10 at the craps table and he came over, touched my back and said “How’s it go-oh, forget it, I was never here.” But it was too late, the damage was done, and the next roll was a 7. It was probably 450 or so, across all the numbers, but 300 on the 10 stood out.
  • I got a nice little voicemail from my kid too, which was fun.

Getting back to work, I had another donut cake from Ben. Fork is normal sized. This time, I ate a bit more of it, cause it was fresher. I think last time, it was there for a few days, so I let one of the young guys eat the donut. It’s a pretty good donut.

And when I got home, this is what I saw:

Update: I am in a new demographic. The old one was 18-34. The new one is 35-54. Then it’s 55+…one last milestone.

Jul 132006

We got 24 inch monitors at work the other week. I think they’re too big. It’s like being in the 2nd row at the movie theater. The screen doesn’t all fit into my head. So I’ve pushed the monitor back to relax my eyes a bit. Still seems too large. The maximize window function is now useless.

But when I was on vacation, I got this email photo (above). And realized, that yes, a monitor can be too big, especially when you’re being given donuts relative in size to the monitor.  The photo also shows a 8×11 notepad. And a standard pen for comparision.

When I got back, the donut was still there. Now, I’m pretty cautious when it comes to eating strange food I find at my desk. Probably not cautious enough, because, well, I do normally eat it. And cautious enough probably means, not eating it. This time I passed. I had just come back from the land of Buffets, so I needed to rest, not tackle the largest donut I’ve ever seen.

Various homonym’d coworkers actually ate it.

You know, now that I think about it – maybe it should just be called a cake?