Apr 052005

real estate.


programming deadlines.

timing is everything. so when was that last post? when is it now? we were late. 2 days and a couple of hours. big scheme, not so bad. this moment scheme, i’m still bummed. i wanna be happier about it, but i realize, we really just got to where we wanted to be – at a minimum – 2 days ago. there are still lots of rough edges to fix. word is the big boss man ain’t happy. nor should he be. but i know i’ll beat myself up enough over it – after that, i’m not worried about anyone else.

i’d like to blame a lot of different things -but there’s that whole master craftsman thing. it’s out. it’ll be advertised. it’ll get better. and i’m kind of pleased with it. there are lots of things i want to refactor and such – but its not so bad for baby’s first flash app. walk before you run. and now – now that i have more experience messing around in flash – i kind of feel like i’ve gotta write a few more apps to leverage the growing pains. lemons to lemonade. it’s all about the lemonade. and timing.

anyway – number 5 alive – the enormous sandwich marathon is on. they hit you hard, about 15 minutes
after eating one, but it really eliminates most of the urges for lunch. quite a little treat, those enormous sammiches. 5 days and counting. i’m having trouble finding an enormous buddy – people have
one and don’t want to have another one the next day. let me know if you’re up for a few.

Mar 302005

haven’t been this frustrated for days in a long time. years at
least.? it is a pain, the build/debug cycle. but in some ways, its
enjoyable – at least when things get solved.? some of the flash
tools are ridiculous – but the community is forgiving – i read things
like – yeah, that component sucks, you gotta write your own – quite
often. surprising.

i don’t want to write my own. i want to
use a drop box and not worry about it. should take 5 minutes at most.
took me a day and a half. depth. z-values. 20k. 1,040,000. slightly
different numbers. documentation says -16k. who would have
thought?? it’s like trying to hit a nail with a completely rubber
hammer. frustrating.

maybe it’s even a screwdriver.

okay – master craftsman doesn’t blame his tools.

maybe it’s like trying to hit a nail, with a completely rubber screwdriver, and i only have one eye.

still frustrating.

but it’ll be a sweet looking gamechannel soon. hopefully, soon enough.

hey – i edited this for a typo correction – and the editor didn’t lose
some of my spacing – like it did in the pre-beta beta.?
cool.? we’re making progress.