Jul 112010

We’re riding bikes home from breakfast this morning.  Taking a slightly longer route, since my distance means something now.  Mom isn’t having as much fun as Sal, mostly because her bike isn’t attached to mine, like his is.

Dad, to mom: “Do you like running better than biking?”

Mom doesn’t really reply.

Salvador: “Mom, do you even run?”

Mom: “I do.”

Salvador: “I mean, not when you were a little kid.”

I knew then we needed to pick up the pace to stay out of her reach…

Jul 102010

…or any of these other struggling stars, is that lifestyle changes don’t last a lifetime.  They sound like they might, life-style and life-time, but they don’t necessarily last a lifetime.

So, given that the goal of the last body fat percentage weight bet was to make a lifestyle change, we shouldn’t have been shocked to find that 3 months after the bet, the body fat percentage has been creeping the wrong way.  That is, if we were any smarter than Lindsay.

I’ve wanted a lifetime body fat percentage bet.  But have struggled to find people that want in.  It’d basically be split up into teams (reshuffled every so often) and each year, the teams would get body fat weighed and for every individual, you’d get their delta from “athletic” for their gender and age range.  And the team that scores the most below “athletic” for the year wins something. Teams are to allow competition with support groups. Lots of stuff TBD, but first participants need to be TBD.  Let me know if you want in.

Given that that isn’t happening, Shawn wanted a new bet today.  I thought 9 months would be good and we could bet on the next fitness challenge.  He was thinking something in the week timeframe.  Lots of different ideas were thrown around, lots of different concerns were thrown around.

Finally, we settled on a nice, low impact, good for my knee, can do after the kids are asleep challenge that can have a short time frame.

Most miles biked during the rest of July.

We both have mountain bikes.  We’ll be using RunKeeper on the iPhone.  We’ll share our maps with each other so that questionable “rides” can be pointed out. And all rides need to be in loops, by themselves or with an adjacent ride in the system (to avoid having Kari drive Shawn to Tahoe so he can ride down the mountain).

Of course, during this whole conversation, Catherine was constantly impressed with how many King’s Eggrolls I was able to roll through.  Impressed might be stating it too nicely.  But let’s call this new number, a nice, round Cris dozen.

So, nutrition isn’t part of this bet.  We’ll see how that effects things. The sharing of the numbers will be interesting. Each of us will know the other’s number daily…will that motivate or discourage?  We’ll find out.  There are a few reasons why I think Shawn will win and there are a few things going my way.  It’ll be close.  And I think, it’ll be repeatable.  I wouldn’t bet against a repeat bet in August. Or September.

Well, I guess it depends on Shawn’s mood.  I’d be up for it though.

Mar 152010

Caution: This note contains references to unpleasant bodily functions that might be “too much information” for a casual reader.   You’ve been warned.

Sal wanted to go on a bike ride for a while and it was finally warm enough. Despite the fact that I have a swelled up knee, I thought it might be good therapy for my knee to ride the bike a bit.  Plus, we were going out for free pie.

That’s our current rig.

The ride there was fine, fun reminiscing about the mornings of biking to school.  The ride back was a little more interesting.  There was a point where I was talking to Sal, telling him that we’re going to be going up an overpass and he was going to have to pedal hard, because my leg wasn’t close to even 50%.  And I passed some gas.

He started to answer me, with eager enthusiasm about contributing to our impressive pace, and then stopped mid-sentence to shout “Hey, you pongooed!”  (Not sure how to spell that, but it’s a korean noun for fart, which he turned into an english verb in the past tense.)

“Now all I can smell is bad dirt!” he continued.

I tried to rally the team to pedal harder, cause we were starting the incline, but he was distracted by the quality of his immediate atmosphere.  His mother tried to pass us as well, but found decent oxygen difficult to obtain.

I was the only one that could really focus and talk and breathe easy, so I asked Sal how he was sure it was me, because we could have just all moved through a stinky cloud.  There was too much traffic noise for him to actually hear anything.

“Because I believe me” was his defiant answer.  His mother’s support was loud and clear.

Now, before there are outcries about how cruel this particular riding formation may be, it should be noted that we’ve been like this for almost a year with many hours in the saddle and this is our first incident.  Don’t I deserve some special honor for that?

May 132009

In case the month was too long, bike to work day is tomorrow.

Sal and I got our new setup last night, but he “went to lay down” and we didn’t put it together till this morning.

This morning, things looked rough, as our quick sizing up of it made it seem like he’d be too small for it.  It is designed for 3-5 year olds.  He’s 4 in a month.

But, I prayed a lot at work today and when I got home, we put him in his big boots and he can almost reach the pedal at the bottom now.  And despite the fact that he’s behind me, he can see enough in front of him to feel free to act like a back seat driver…

We’re biking to school tomorrow morning too, since he doesn’t have a job, but wants to take part in bike to work day.

Don’t you too?

With a little work this month, I’m hoping that we can lift Yahoo!’s rank one or two spots.

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May 122009

get on it.  Turns out my trip to work is only about 6.4 miles.

And Kelly’s right – the new bridges over the 101 and 237 are pretty nice.

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Aug 192008

There’s a lot that could encompass.  Let’s just choose one for tonight.

Last weekend, did the tour de max bike ride.  Catherine was kind of upset with me doing it. I was a bit sore from a mid-week work out.  I was getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night cause of the Olympics. And I hadn’t been riding my bike much the past month. It was 15 miles longer than the last time we did it. And her mother was flying into town later that day.  “You better not just sleep while she’s here…”

“But it’s for charity!” I said. In my head.

I remember the last time me and Sal went on the ride, there was this part in the hills that just killed my legs. Probably 30 meters long, but a crazy steep grade uphill.  Cramps. Horrible pain. Everything.  Some tucked away backroad…so I checked the map this time and it wasn’t on there and I just figured I was golden.

So when the lady said “We’ve had to make some route adjustments” and highlighted things on the map, I didn’t really pay much attention.  I just wanted to get started, cause we were already a bit late. And Sal wanted to pass some people this time.  Yeah!

So – Sandhill was a pain.  A lot of pain.  When I was in Indiana, I used to wear shorts as long as I could. The UPS and FedEx guys would also do that – on the news you’d see who was still wearing shorts and weathering the weather.  That’s how I’d gauge myself.  But they were doing it for marketing and pride while I was doing it just cause I didn’t want to buy/wear long underwear while going to school.  I figured if I held out on the shorts as long as I could, that’d set up the pacing so that I’d only have to goto pants and not have to goto pants and thermals.  It worked.  I got through the winters okay with shorts mostly.  And now I wear pants only for interviews, weddings and if I’m worried others will get kicked out of a restaurant cause of me.  (Me getting turned away by myself is fine.)

Anyway, I tried to apply that general idea to pacing out my gearing while going up Sandhill.  Though it was not long till I was in 1st gear.  Wondering what was going to happen next.

Sal was still cheery though.  Which is good and bad. “Daddy let’s sing about the lady and the fly!” is fine when you’re just goofing off.  Less fine when struggling to breathe and pedal and he doesn’t know the words so well and leans on you to drive the song’s progression.

Anyway, we made it up that hill. And we made it by the Church and we saw horses out there and talked about farms and then we took a right hand turn onto a little backroad that looked too familar.  Now my legs were already cramping so when we got to the base of the little steep hill that really hurt me last time, I just walked it up.  No reason to risk falling with Sal with me over a little hill.  And there’s no one around…just me and Sal.

Pulling his weight.

And that lady that just rode by me!  Where’d she come from…it was the first person we’d seen in 5 minutes…perfect timing.

Anyway, it was around this time when I noticed that the first rest stop was much further along the route this year than last time. And so I started hearing the echos of Catherine’s discontent among the many voices in my head.

We did pass two people.  One was a lady that was pulling more weight than my whole rig combined – except she didn’t have a sidecar.  We even passed her going downhill.  She was using the brakes for some reason too.  Seemed like a fire hazard.  And another was just standing around.  When we got to the 1st rest stop, they were closing it down.  The support car came by and said that I was the last dude – everyone else behind me was sent to use the shortcut.  To get to the picnic on time (aka before it ended).

I could have written about how unsupportive my wife is – but I’m a realist/lemonade scammer.  She gave me the out.  Instead of complaining about her lack of enthusiasm for my endeavor, all I had to do was simply say she’s right. I wasn’t properly prepared, risking Sal’s safety wasn’t worth it, and we do need to be at the airport by 4 and we can’t do that at this pace I’m riding.

All that sounds a lot different than “I’m quitting and riding home.”

But it’s still the same.  And I wish I hadn’t, not cause of the airport (we were still late anyway – cause – guess who was napping once we got home?!?) and not cause I’m in a weight bet and trying to lose body fat percentage points, nor cause Sal was really at risk that much (I did just flat out stop a few times when I was getting wobbly…oh – and on the descent – I saw a sign that had the steep down hill and was a warning, normally for trucks – but this one had a bicycle on it…that was kind of scary).  But cause everyone else that’s battling cancer (the charity for this ride) fights a lot harder than I fought on that bike ride.  Just for moral support I feel like I should have fought a little harder.

But for my family – I should plan ahead a bit better too…