Jan 302009

So there is that 25 things about me chain letter going around.  And I wanna respond.  But Catherine is kind of thinking my idea is no good.

The 25 things I want to share are things I know about people I tag.  It is me, sharing things about me and my network. I wouldn’t call people out by name, but rather, let the audience wonder and/or maybe inspire people that are tagged to explain more about the situation or the circumstances…cause they should be good stories. And because often times there would be more than 1 person that would fit the bill…we all think we’re so unique…but really aren’t.

Catherine is wondering why I need to take a perfectly fine, innocent idea, and twist it.

Why did the scorpion sting the frog?

Wouldn’t it be fun though? Let’s pretend I don’t listen to my wife…25 things you didn’t know about me:

  • I know someone that has shown too much skin in Vegas and is trying to be coy about it and pretend that it was an accident or that they don’t remember.
  • I know someone that has had their sexuality mistaken repeatedly, by various people, each story being wonderfully fun, because the teller is so surprised as they tell their own story.  Or just as good: when someone else tells the story about how so surprised the person was.
  • I know someone that has dated a stripper/criminal/NFL cheerleader (3 different situations, but more than 1 checkbox applies to all but one of the datees).  Like take them over to their family’s house for the holidays dated.
  • I know someone that has had a same sex lap dance unintentionally.  Repeatedly.
  • I know someone that has had intimate dreams about me.

It is like PostSecret, except I’m sharing them instead of the secret holder.  Or even better yet, making them up (like that last one).  Cause really – people are only sharing the things they want known – when the really interesting stuff is the stuff they’re not telling us.  Sure, we all know you love your family – what we don’t know is who are you pretending to love?  That’s what I’d like to share.  For you.

It’d be more viable if the Whopper Sacrifice didn’t claim my boarderline friends already…except that I probably didn’t know any juicy secrets about them anyway.

  2 Responses to “The wiser half says “No.””

  1. this is so old but i had to respond: i’m really glad you don’t know me very well.

  2. I was just reading this last night and laughing. I would have tagged you and made something up. Or would have dragged something out of Kari. Or something close enough that you’d get worried.

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