Jun 042005

So with a 9.95 coupon, I was able to convince some people – Marco and Shawn – to goto a hypnotism show in Vegas this last trip. It was at the fabulous Bourbon Street casino and hotel – which I don’t think I’ve ever had the previous pleasure of.

We were lucky enough to catch their nightly karaoke show at Fat Daddy’s. I was impressed by a very old gentleman doing a very good job with All Shook Up. Then a slightly crippled lady – something terribly wrong with her legs – got up on stage, heard something from the DJ, started to complain to him, but once the music started for It’s My Party – she came alive. I think everyone’s favorite was this little filipino lady who at first glance, people wondered if she even knew english. But her song (which I didn’t recognize) proved that not only did she know some english, but she new the song. Very animated during the performance.? Reminded me a bit of the dancing characters at Chuck E. Cheeses. We knew that if the show we paid for was gonna be as good as the free show going on at Fat Daddy’s, we were really in for a trip.

So – we got to our table in the modest showroom at the Bourbon Street and the first thing Shawn did was turn the tablecoth over. 1000% improvement. No more visible stains. You still knew in your heart it was very, very dirty, but at least it wasn’t in your face dirty. The normal hypnotist was out – so the owner of the show decided to do it himself. He was supposed to be a great hypnotist – in fact, the show would normally be 43.95 – with no coupons allowed. But since they hadn’t posted any information and if we could pay in cash, the ticket lady would honor our coupon. I am not positive our cash made into the register. But that’s none of my business.

The guy was a little amusing. But on a Thursday night I think the crowd was a little smaller than it would be on weekends. He had trouble convincing guys to volunteer for the show. So his assistant (who is a hypnotist in her own right and has her own “clean” show that runs at 9pm – “hypnosterical” or “hypnolarious” or something like that) showed that she knows how to pay the bills. After many guys shaking their head “no” to the main hypnotist, she said – “I’m just gonna go out and pick guys who I think are cute.” Flattery – will work every time.

And she beelines right for Shawn. Could Shawn resist the desires of the most attractive lady in the room? She might tell him he’s cute, stroke his cheek, plead with him to come up – possibly pout a little. Maybe sit in his lap, rub his manly chest, and whisper something into his ear that’d make him grin a grin that’s once in a lifetime. This was gonna be good I thought to myself.? I might have been drooling in anticipation.

Her hand reaches out and I want to watch this man’s resolve crumble.? Shawn and Marco both felt their mental powers to be too strong for cheap, drunken Las Vegas hypnosis. But I don’t think that’s the point. I think anyone can decide NOT to do something. The true strength lies in deciding to let go and, as Kaa would say- “Truss in me”. And I thought that we were about to see a transformation. Her hand touched upon Shawn’s leg and he couldn’t help but be effected by her body and the language it spoke.

She basically slapped his leg out of the way, she bent over, leaned toward me, using all her hypnosis talents and flaunting a low cut blouse, and asked me my name. I stammered my name barely and next thing I know, I’m on stage.

I bought the videotape – cause I thought Catherine might enjoy seeing it. Of course, everyone else is welcome to it as well.? I didn’t do anything too silly I think, but in the end, I had spanked another man and my pants were wet and my little teddy bear friend was very happy. A good time for all I think.

Was I hypnotized? I’d guess a bit. Supposedly (and I’d agree) there’s a fuzzy line between the hypnosis and acting and the peer pressure of being on stage.? I was told to do stuff and I felt pressure to do it but at the same time, I felt very little resistance to doing it. And I’m not normally a ham. And for somethings, like the imaginary women spitting at me, it took surprisingly little pressure and conscious effort to react. Maybe I didn’t “react” convincingly – but something made me act and it wasn’t too explicit on my part. I had been “reprogrammed” somewhat.

To be sure – I was glad I wasn’t selected to be a pregnant chicken. Those guys really were into it and I was there wondering if I would be as into it. And perhaps too into it. I wouldn’t want to have risked that after our fabulously enormous meal at Gallager’s. I believe Kelly should have a photo of their “King’s Cut” prime rib.? A very healthy steak it was.

There were mixed feelings. With my little teddy bear buddy, I was trying to do my job, but at the same time, I felt my buddy was a bit shy. I was pressured to turn him to face the crowd – in that it was repeatedly whispered to me – but I fought it – cause even teddy bears need a bit of privacy. So there were some strange control issues there. Especially cause I felt so strongly for the little guy – I would have thought I wouldn’t have cared so much and would have wanted to just do the show how they wanted it. But I fought them on that – mainly because they had convinced me to actually care for the little bear. In the end, from what I heard, that was Marco and Shawn’s favorite part, so I guess the turmoil was good for the show.

My favorite part of the show however (and with a little hindsight, possibly Marco and Shawn would change their votes as well) was that I became a better dice roller…but that’s gonna be our next story.

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