May 252005

So – the Media folk were kind enough to give us all tickets to see the new Star Wars flick.

I didn’t really like the movie.

The special effects were fine. They story okay – in that it does a good job at ending where you fuzzily remember the other movies starting up – so it creates a desire to re-see the originals over again. But the dialog was horrible. Freakin’ horrible. Which was a big distraction for me.

The special effects have evolved leaps and bounds in the 20 years. The writing has stayed the same. Why?? It can be campy and good (kung fu hustle). Doesn’t have to be campy and bad. Who makes droids that are silly idiots? I mean military defense droids. Why?

Anyway – climatic scene – and I don’t think I’m spoiling anything here cause all the ads for the video game have the scene on tv – but Obi Wan and Vader are fighting. And they clash sabers and are at a stalemate. Then both decide to use the force to push each other aside. But they do it simultaneously and they cancel each other out.

Catherine and I re-enacted the scene in the picture above. And that’s pretty much the shot the movie cut to. Except maybe instead of our yellow kitchen wall there’s a motlen lava refinery in the background.

And it was that moment that I regained respect for the movie and Jedi in general. They really are special folk. I cannot compare to them. I would have lost.

I would have played rock.

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