May 182005

The web really lets you get distracted easily.

Installed new messenger beta to try out headphones that we were given at work.? As it’s installing I realize that it is too late to try talking to anyone. I think of leaving crazy Pat O’Brien messages for people.

The new beta shows me that Kelly’s got a new entry. It’s about how he’s gonna see Star Wars tonight. Someone comments a nerd alert. Makes me chuckle.? He says that it has gotten good reviews lately. Eh – reviews don’t matter much to me.

Except for the Filthy Critic. I’ve been reading him for years. He’s been good. There’s very little about the movie in his reviews – and a lot about life. I enjoy that. Though he usually does spoil the plot of a movie – so if I plan on seeing a movie, I’ll check to see if he’s given it at least 3 fingers and if so, I’ll watch the movie before reading the review. Otherwise, I don’t see the movie and I just read the review instead.

I know that it is a little soon to expect a Star Wars review from him – but I check anyway. And he’s got? his nephew, who wrote probably the best movie review I’ve ever read, writing a diary around his adventures for the new Star Wars movie.

The pictures made me laugh so hard I couldn’t read the story and just keep laughing. Catherine came over to see what I was laughing about. I explained how he’s 20 now (I can’t believe I”ve been reading Filthy for 6 years now…insane…) and this is his StormTrooper outfit – cardboard! (I didn’t think I’d see anything worse than the PVC stuff I saw in San Diego, but I stand corrected).

Scrolling down – he needs a ride!? And now he’s in the forest! And he fell asleep and someone wrote on him while he was sleeping!

Catherine can hardly understand me cause I’m laughing and yelling and making up the story as I go along…

Needless to say, she left the room pretty quickly.

I gotta go back and read the diary now…

  2 Responses to “the star wars frenzy…”

  1. i read through the diary…what a mess. the storm trooper outfit is the best thing EVER. thanks for helping me kill some time at work. 🙂

  2. what a mess? i am still wiping away tears. i can’t wait for the review…

    i can kill work time anytime.

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