Jul 272008

Went to go test drive the CLS55 the other day.  For some reason, I’ve gotten real fond of that car.  Seems like a nice performance sedan, getting it used saves me 30k, and the smaller, older engines get a little better gas mileage than the newer ones do…and 469 hp is more than enough for me.

Anyway, I was a bit heartbroken, cause the car that I had convinced myself was perfect was in SF and I thought, yeah, I’ll drive up there this weekend and test drive it – and probably drop the corvette off the next day.  But on thursday or something, it disappeared from the website, sold (curse my lack of impulsiveness!) and I started to chalk it up as it just wasn’t meant to be.

But because Catherine and I are so out of sync timing wise with each other, she started to suggest going to test drive a CLS 55 more often.  So we went Friday night.  And it turns out that this car, in a used state, is still worthy of being inside on the showroom floor.  There was a $515,000 McLaren on the floor too – but as I pointed out to Sal, it doesn’t have 3 seats, which was the whole reason why we were there.

Cause that’s the only thing stopping us from getting the McLaren.

So we ask for a test drive and the sales guy says that there are too many cars blocking the way to get the CLS55 out (1) and takes us out in a 550.  It was a comfortable ride – Catherine can sit behind me, so we can fit 4 in the car. But wasn’t really that impressive. It just seemed like a car.  Not a car I’d have a bond with.  Just a car.

So I started to think that maybe the Passat CC coming out later this year is really the way to go.  Would add some symmetry to my automotive history – passat, corvette, passat.  Clean.  And would set me up for a Corvette in another 8-10 years again.  That type of argument should not be undervalued.

Then today, we’re driving back from San Leandro (more on that later – but it was basically a 2 hour drive for a 20 minute task – was still pretty fun and worth it) and I was thinking that there was another MB dealership in San Jose that had a CLS 55 in it so I asked the family if they’re up for going to try and test drive that one, cause maybe it’s not inside a showroom.

We find it on the lot just as the fleet dealer finds us. He goes to get the keys and right away, he just starts it up. And right away, I’m noticing a more distinct rumble and it’s not coming from within me, though it is communicating with my gut. Now I’m interested. Put Sal inside.  I go sit in the other back seat.  Kind of a tight fit for me, but it is possible.  Get out as I hear Catherine and sales guy talking about the test drive.

Low on gas?  What the what what?  But he calls over a lackey and off they go to fill up the tank.  Kind of.  Came back 1/4th full – but that was good enough. Fought through some traffic (3 police cars and a lot of debris) but made it to the highway, where I kind of fell in love.

On the on ramp.

I like doing 65 on the on ramp in 2nd gear in the corvette. I then use the next 4 gears to get to 80.  No need for more tickets.  And this car had the same sort of thrill within it.  I liked it.  A lot.  Catherine could feel the difference in the back seat and Sal, if he leans over into the center, can look up the middle and see the nav system (he likes being able to see the map).

Sal and Catherine did find an emergency hospital receipt in the back of the car, which kind of puts an odd aura on the car.  Still, the car was very, very, very nice.

The first sales dude was an idiot for taking me out for a drive in the non AMG car – I was kind of ready to write off the whole CLS class.  And then I was an idiot for considering it.  Lesson learned.  Email alerts set up over at AutoTrader.com.

  2 Responses to “A real bad salesman.”

  1. lesson learned: listen to your brother, he knows what you want more than you…stop trying to think for yourself.

  2. My brother is probably right. He just needs more influence over my wife.

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