May 062005

…my entries are too long.

people don’t want to read that much.

like i’m forcing them to (shout out to howard!)

as if there is a ‘bite-sized’ version of me and my opinions.

as if i’m not a rambling drunk while i write these (yes, at work) and can control when (or even if) i get to the point.

who are we fooling here?

i guess – if anything – we should all take a moment and ponder just what catherine puts up with day after day?

raise your hand if you’re watching tv and then someone pauses the tivo and says – “okay – that was kind of funny, but what would have been funnier?”? how many of you at home have sitcom writing quizes while you’re watching tv?

the nut hand is a phrase poker has made popular lately.? at home, we refer to the nut phrase. what would have been funnier? what would have been witter? what’s the best comeback line for a given situation?

and if you’re wrong? 50 squats.

or when you’re sick and miserable and can’t say a sentence without coughing a horrible sounding cough, does anyone have someone tell them they sound like they’re part of the whack pack?? (from howard’s site: Some new information we learned about Beetle today was that his birthday is May 34th; he’ll be 34 and was born in 1936.)

side note – i’ve been watching the daily show because i was apparently mis-informed that the freakonomics guy was gonna be on it – instead – we got ice-cube promoting XXX.? but still, we’ve been watching it cause catherine has a crush on jon stewart and sometimes they are funny. but as i’m watching it now – i had to pause the tivo and ask – are htey using a laugh track on the show?

live audience and a laugh track?

freakonomics – i don’t know if i’m spelling that right or not – but as it turns out, it is not about the economy of adina howard and her cohorts. i’m gonna try and finish it anwyay. was reading that book on my way to vegas and partially on the way back was interesting in a meta way. bookwriting is tough. i realized that writing my thesis when i got sick of reading the same thing over and over again. proofing is hard work. but this one was different. it pointed out that it is hard to lure a reader in and then maintain their interest throughout the book. as i read more chapters of it – i think – well, that’s not too new – you told me all about that in the intro.

and maybe my blog entries should take the same approach?

nah – cause i’m not repeating myself.? nor making the same point. i’ve probably got posts that contradict themselves. which i’m fine with. which as of late, is starting to scare catherine. lots of people don’t want to contradict themselves. i’m fine with it.

kind of like bugs – bugs are mistakes. i was thinking about this walking the dog. there was a silly little bug we had recently. and in hindsight, lots of bugs are silly little mistakes. but no one likes to admit to the silly little mistakes. we’d all like to be good enough, disciplined enough, smart enough to not make silly little mistakes. yet they happen. and so some people find it? much easier to describe a complicated reason for why it made sense to implement it the way it was which lead to the bug than to admit it was silly. other’s just go quiet.say it was fixed. and shouldn’t happen again.

but really, one isn’t saving anything by rationalizing it or not discussing it – cause everyone else will just assume it was a silly mistake anyway. that’s the beauty of it. damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

that’s why i’ve started to blame flash.

okay – i think this got long enough now.

  2 Responses to “so i’m told….”

  1. I might not skip the long ones if there were least a few capital letters. 🙂

  2. i enjoyed the first half of this post, however I haven’t gotten to the second half. Could you please post just part 2 in a new entry please?

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