Sep 022007

I believe that’s the literal translation.

20 bucks to see the movie and as we were going in, I was feeling like it was gonna be a complete waste of money. Something not so bad as the dollars spent on Catherine’s pick of “Superstar” but maybe as bad as…oh…maybe BarbWire.

Though, having seen Snakes on a Plane the other night off of the movie channels, I had reset my bar appropriately low. It was pretty bad. Anyway, for Balls of Fury, Yahoo! critics give it a C-. Yahoo! users give it a C+. But, I wasn’t logged in when I looked it up, so I had no idea what my recommendation would be.

That’s how I roll.

Looking at it now, my 132 previous reviews say that I’m gonna like the movie.

Computers are smart.

There were a couple of moments where tears flowed. The acting was fine, not too over the top and well balanced with the writing. There was a scene, where Freddy Fingers was flexing his pecs to intimdate Randy – and Randy wanted to flex back. But that muscle control just isn’t there. However his body and facial expressions conveyed the internal struggle, where the mind is willing but the body isn’t, so perfectly. Capping it off with a small attempt, made out of desperation, to move the pecs externally. Beautifully done. That dude, who would probably play Jack Black in the movie about Jacks’ life, is a true master of his trade.

I was surprised at how recognizable the cast was – and what brought them to this movie. Tyler (who has a pretty awesome house that I read about in one of Catherine’s magazines), George Lopez does good, that dude from Reno 911 (he’s a producer of the movie too), the Ratattouie voice, Walken of course, the pilot from Snakes on a Plane, and who could forget that Hiro from Heros had a nice little cameo. Though Margulies in Snakes on the Plane was the biggest “how far have they fallen” moment I’ve had recently, the dude from the Drew Carey show playing a sex slave in Balls of Fury was a close second.

All in all, 20 bucks well spent. Enjoyable time. Made trying to watch the Da Vinci Code later last night more tolerable, cause for the day, I was already a movie winner. (Da Vinci was just way too long – the only enjoyable thing about it was the dude whipping himself – he deserved it for making me watch this horribly long movie – and the fact that you could by the little codex thing for storing keys on SkyMall.)

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