Aug 222007

Year end numbers were announced today. 2 months late due to maternity leave.

28 pounds == 42nd percentile at 26 months. Not bad.

32.5 inches == 3rd percentile at 26 months. Wow.

I kind of miss the head measurements. But he’s on the big boy stand up and get measured and weighed routine now. So he had his clothes on. So the 28 pounds might be a bit generous even.

Going with the 2 year rule of thumb for half one’s height, the projected number is 5 foot 5.

  2 Responses to “The numbers…”

  1. Actually there’s this whole formula that they have…kind of weird. Father’s height plus five inches plus mother’s height. Take this sum and divide by two to obtain the predicted adult height for boys.

    Wonder how true this is…

  2. I guess that’s average and add 2.5.

    average of 75 and 60 is 67.5 and then 2.5 makes it 70.


    Jeanie said he was forecast at 5 foot even at 1, and 5’5″ at 2, so at 3, his forecast would be 5’10” as well.

    whole formulas are good.

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