Aug 012007

Laying on the couch for hours a day, unable to sleep, but with my eyes closed listening to those in the room chat as I drift in and out of sleep has left me with a lot of time on my hands. I’ve been mainly dwelling on change. How things change and don’t change. How it tends to be one’s perspective.
self portrait 1
I never took a lot of pictures before. I had a kid. I started taking a lot of photos. But despite how easy digital cameras are to use, there aren’t many high quality pictures. We’ve gone through 2 cameras I think in a couple of years too – cause Sal likes taking pictures too (that’s his self portrait over there). Our Canon Elph is holding its own pretty well given his usage habits. Maybe the fact that the camera has to stand up to Sal’s carefree usage of it, maybe there’s another reason our picture aren’t high quality, but I still enjoy them quite a bit.

there's what? where?Looking on Flickr, it is easy to see that thousands of people are photography nerds. I actually think there’s a couple within 3 cubes of me at work. $2k on some piece of equipment, to get these crystal clear shots – high high super high definition. That’s just not me though.

And having a kid, changed me. But didn’t change me. Would I love crystal clear shots of Sal through the day? Possibly, but there are a lot of shots we don’t post, where he’s got drool or something flying around in the picture. I believe this is a cream cheese bagel for breakfast. How much detail do you need on the cheese? And you know, I’ve posted some with drool, so the ones I haven’t posted must really be nutty.

I like the blurred hands when Sal’s in his multicolored gloves. He’s up to something. Or the fact that he’s only half in the frame – too fast for me to catch. So, though my camera phone gives crummy pictures, blurred and off kilter (at least half my fault…) they do take me back to the moment which is really all I need.

I can fill in the rest of the words.

That slide was huge.

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  1. You know honestly though…those non-crystal clear shots are sometimes the ones that really capture a true image of life with Sal. Granted the shots aren’t perfect, they aren’t always looking directly at the camera and the shots are sometimes kind of “actiony” (they’re running around) It does capture the moment though. Sal got a pretty clear shot of his feet!

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