Jun 062007

This weekend, while we were hanging out at the pool at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, but just a bit before Luke was getting hit on by older hairdressers, I was reminded that we both have a common background working with CRM systems.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management – and there are a lot of applications out there to support salespeople as they try and manage all their customers who are all in different stages of the sales process. Follow this link for a fine example of CRM software that is a very complete solution, end to end, for salespeople in all industries. They even have a free 14 day trial if you are interested.

Anyway, I actually probably went on a technology sales call to Luke’s company back in the day while he was there. But as is often the case when two startups meet to talk deals, we were both interested in selling something to each other…not becoming a customer…which doesn’t really work out that well.

So back to Vegas. We were in the pool, talking various strategies around life, work, gambling, and women, and Luke brought up the startup idea of CRM for dating. Just change the “Customer” part to a more generic “Contact” and it works out fine. All one’s “contacts” would be in various stages of relationship and one could track their progress with this tool. But more importantly, one could use it to manage the reminders.

“It’s been 2 weeks since you last chatted with X.” or “It’s been 10 days since you said you’d call Y.” or “It’s been 3 weeks since Z said they’d call you back – change their status?”

But basically, any decent CRM software will handle that for you already, right out of the box. So our value add would be including some ice breaker lines, or tips to shift the conversation away from why you didn’t call back sooner, and/or maybe even some effective subliminal phrases that one could pepper the conversation with.

We’re just wondering if we’d get more customers beyond Luke.

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