May 042007

It has taken many years, but there is finally a cell phone that I want. Really want. I fought the cell phone urge for years. Carried around a Blackberry for work, but they used to be just email devices. Used the excuse of not wanting to carry two things around.

Then they became cell phones. No more excuses. I had the 6710 for 5 years or so. But it didn’t work in the office so I had to switch to cingular and got an 8700. It is pretty and all – but I didn’t really “want it”. It was just the best option given the time. I thought about a sidekick, but it didn’t have the smoothness in the UI that the Blackberries have.

But the Sal situation has changed things. There are so many random moments with him where I’d love to have a camera phone – again the issue of carrying around too many devices. And now, with the Blackberry Curve, it’s possible. Next week, at WES 2007 they’ll probably announce when it will be available. And for the first time in my life, I’m considering upgrading my phone before a contract is up (heh – it’s only my 2nd cell phone contract…)

But now there is a phone I want. Screw the iPhone. Though I hear they’ll have a pretty big display going on (7×3 feet in dimensions) that will demand power and an internet connection. They can market…

  4 Responses to “phone lust.”

  1. very cool. i love those types of gadgets.

  2. you could just carry a backpack with your laptop in it at all times. 🙂

  3. see – uh – my laptop doesn’t have a camera either.

  4. I thought I’d never like a blackberry without a track wheel, but the 8800 has grown on me. It actually has a (buggy) mode in the browser, called the desktop view, where the track ball actually controls a mouse!

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