Apr 022007

…tracking Sal’s words. I thought about it a bit yesterday, what it meant that she’s done tracking how many words Sal can communicate. I’ll say communicate, cause some of it is sign language and some if it is phonetically very different and some of it – well – some animals are just sounds still instead of the name of the animal. I don’t know if he can say horse, but he can neigh like a madman.

Anyway, I figure it is a good thing – that he’s going through his language explosion and it is too hard to keep up with his new knowledge. He’s out paced us. It is a good point to be at, but a little tragic too. His domain is expanding – probably going to reach outside the realm of innocence soon too.

“Oh man!” from Dora the Explorer comes out often. As does lots of different permutations. “choc-o-late” is a chant he’ll make walking around the house occasionally. “airplane” surprised me the other day. Mostly with how well he pronounced it – usually the new words take me a while to understand.

That seems to be the biggest adjustment I’ve gotta make – being open to him having new words. I can’t try and map his ideas onto a small set of words/concepts anymore – he’s gonna challenge me and my imagination. In recognition and in meaning.

I’m looking forward to it.

Strangest side effect? I’ve seen this kid start to develop language from nothing – and I somehow figure the dog, who was more advanced than the kid at the start of things – to have developed the same language skills as well. I dunno why – sort of just language by association I guess – but I find myself asking the dog more questions and being a little surprised when I get no answer but a lick or a wag.

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  1. The tracking gets difficult to do! I’ve still been trying to keep track of the words Vanessa knows …not religiously of course but “A” for effort? It’s been neat to see them develop and see all the different things that they can do now. Pretty amazing…Happy about it but it’s a bittersweet happy kind of.

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