Feb 092007

Sal got a little train set for xmas. It had a lady with some luggage on the train. Sal uses it as his briefcase when he wants to go off to work. Sandy took this picture yesterday – Sal carrying his diaper bag – and looking very self sufficient.

Kristina writes about questioning if things have gotten easier. No way I think. The dude copies me too fast. He picks up bad habits of mine that I’m supposed to start losing. (He puts his shoes away pretty OCD like…and I’m not supposed to take that habit away from him.)

But what really hit home about how fast this stuff is going by is the “thumbs up”. We’ve been trying to teach that to him for a while. And it was going slow. He would react to thumbs up, but he’d point his index fingers out and raise them above his head. So he was doing a “we’re #1” – which got a good laugh anyway.

Then one morning, I really worked on it with him. And he advanced to getting the thumb and index finger out – the guns. And that was cute. But we kept going.

The part that was tough was closing the index finger. He’d use one hand to close the other. And we’d celebrate the one hand with the thumbs up. But we still had that other hand to fix. And to fix it, he’d open up the first hand, to close the second. And we’d celebrate the 2nd thumbs up – but now the original hand was open. So, 2nd chronologically done thumbs up…but one 1 simultaneous thumbs up.

It was like a dog chasing its tail. And I figured it would be around for a couple of days and would make a nice little movie. But nope. When I got home – two thumbs up! Maybe a little guns for a split second or two before the thumbs up. But they’re there now. No ruining one thumbs up to create another.

Okay, so it did take a while to get going. So maybe it’s not how fast it’s going. But how unpredictable the pacing is turning out to be. Potty training I’ll guess right now is not going to be so pleasantly surprising. In every sense of surprising too.

If I was the type to worry instead of laugh, I’d be stressing…

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