Feb 022007

So Sal kind of power trips on the dog sometimes. He shoots him. Makes him play dead. But then doesn’t give a treat. Or they fight over the same ball. And Chapo’s kind of got issues with Sal, because he’s lost a lot of attention since the kid came around.

We’re leaving town for a couple of days and so Chapo went off with some folks he’s spending the weekend with. Man oh man, did Sal have a fit seeing that go down. He kept on pointing and demanding that Chapo be put back into the living room, instead of being carried out the front door.

Five minutes earlier they were fighting over squeak balls. He was yelling at the dog. The dog was running from. But when Chapo was in another’s arms, being carried out the door, the tears started streaming.

Who would have thought he liked him so much?

Who would have thought it’d be so sweet to hear a kid cry? He actually cares about this dog. He went so far at one point to even declare “Mine!”

He doesn’t throw that kind of fit when I leave.

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  1. It is pretty crazy how close they get huh…Vanessa gets so excited whenever she sees the dogs and is always concerned about where they are.

    I’m sure that he feels just as close to you Cris…don’t fret. 🙂

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