Oct 042006

So people seem to be into Heroes.

I bought the hype going into it – preseason – it was a show that got my interest.

But the first show left me wanting more.  And not more as in Entourage more, where I want more minutes. I wanted more for my hour I just invested.  Chuck says it’s good character development. But he’s all hot and bothered by the show cause 2 of his comic book folk are somehow associated with the show (exec producers…or something).  They can do no wrong in his eyes. Which is good – I know that as I watch the show, I can at least talk to Chuck about it afterwards and get some enjoyment out of the show that way.

It does have a good comic book feel to it – and maybe once I look at it that way, I’ll enjoy it more.  Catherine didn’t watch the first show, but did like the 2nd.  More than I liked either of the first two. Combined probably even. I fell asleep during the end of the 2nd one. She woke me up to ask about what happened in the first show.

“Blond lady kills guys, Japanese guy stops a clock, indian guy is looking for his dad, but that creepy other dad was in his cab and the cheerleader heals herself but isn’t nice to the geek and the cop wasn’t in it. Nurse dude thought he could fly, but Chuck likes that he can’t, that the cooler brother has everything, cause that’s a twist on the standard comic book twist, but i think he can and the druggie guy can paint the future.”   Then I was out.

As it is, I don’t like how the single mom has a real smart interracial kid.  Seems too PC and perfect. While we’re talking about her, how come blacking out and seeing things in the mirror is a superpower?  Seems more like your average personality disorder that they get on Law and Order Criminal Intent. And Ali Larter seems to not be who I was thinking it was. Who was the doritos girl that used to host some animal channel show and might have been a Ms. America type?  Ali something.

The little asian guy – he’s kind of my favorite (he blogs – infrequently though – maybe he can go back in time and fix that) but its not clear to me why teleportation includes time travel. Though – if you’re gonna get one, you might as well have the other. But that seems like such a more substantial ability to control – two dimensions to figure out now.  And 5 weeks to go from Japan to NY?  I did it in less than 12 hours once…

Catherine told me the next day both guys could fly. So I like that twist on the twist of the standard comic book twist. And since she likes the show so much, we’ll be watching that for a while now. I think the “coming this season” part of the show is effective in keeping my interest. We’ll just see how long it takes for that to transition from the last 30 seconds into the show.

NBC confuses me with the fact that their shows can be compressed into 2 minutes. Why waste the rest of our hour then?  But they are streaming the whole show online now too…that’s nice.

But still not as nice as Dexter.

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  1. I’ll answer my own question – but want to do it in a url/comment – just in case someone else wants to kick some knowledge. http://www.factmonster.com/biography/var/alilarter.html

  2. dude. i was totally going to answer the “ali” question.

    scooty loves the show so far. me likey but it’s no veronica mars.

  3. Veronica Mars we saw once. Thought it was confusing but kind of interesting. But too young for us. We’re old. Though someone’s mistress was interesting. I forget the story line, but she was interesting.

    Heroes would be better with the other Ali.

  4. old?! whatever. i guess that just makes me really immature. which sounds about right.

    scooty also loves that mistress.

    veronica mars is definitely one of those shows that’s much better if you watched all the preceding episodes.

  5. who’s the mistress?

  6. charisma carpenter (formerly of “buffy the vampire slayer” & “angel”)

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