Sep 192006

…a couple more seasons and this jersey for 12 month olds won’t fit him any more.

Yesterday, we were at Toys R Us, because rumor had it, he was getting into the idea of a big wheel. I’m into the idea of a big wheel, so when I heard that rumor, I was all over it. Let’s get him something to pedal.

Something turned out to be nothing, as the reach on all pedal’d vehicles was more than his legs can offer right now.  So we wait.

But while we were there, we found ourselves in the little mini-bakery section. I’m surprised at how complicated these things are. There was a 120 piece deli set or something like that. Picnic maybe. Anyway – 120 plastic food items. Sal was checking them out. And he saw a yellow cob. it was only half an ear of corn. And it was little.  And all one color, instead of the natural,subtle shading differences that one normally finds on an ear of corn (and in non-dyed hair…)

Yet he backed up a step and then did his sign for corn.  I was impressed. He’s really putting this world together. We better get on the ball…

…but tonight – at dinner. Completely different story. We’re eating in a booth. And a couple ends up behind us. Sal turns every now and then and can look across at the lady. I hear her apologize to her companion about how she’s sorry she’s interrupting, but that baby is so cute! And her and Sal have some off and on connection for a few minutes. He’s doing good eating wise too – as when he’s kind of distracted like this, he tends to eat more and/or be less picky.

I tried to get him to do a flying kiss.  But was too busy waving and stuff. That would have really been the killer move…practice. More practice.

But then I guess enough was enough. Her companion shifted his position in the seat, so that he was now blocking Sal’s view. She teased him about being jealous of a little baby. Rightfully so I think. But I wasn’t part of their conversation. Sal and I continued to talk about chicken and rice and all things nice.

Until Sal turned around to see the lady again, but couldn’t. He looked at me. I gave him another spoonful. And then he stood up and backed away from me (we’re on a booth) until he got around the guy trying to block his view and was able to make eyes with the lady again.  She interrupted her companion to point out how the baby’s smart enough to move around him to look at her…

Yeah – Sal did good.

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