Apr 192006

It’s the ad campaign on TLC right now. Kind of amusing. They let you customize the life lessons at their site to email to your friends. The figurine above didn’t originally have the ” – but mine will” – I’m so clever!

Catherine’s saying that I’m trying to create Sal into a little me. Like that’s a bad thing. I like me – why wouldn’t I want another one? And why is she so afraid of another one?  I suppose one might reference Life Lesson #74 – Sometimes being their best friend isn’t being their best friend. Except when I watch that Life Lesson, I chuckle.

The show it’s an ad for – Honey, we’re killing the kids – though has a pretty good title.

I haven’t caught the 2nd season of Deadliest Catch on TLC…soon though, soon.

And there should be a P’EatZZa report tomorrow. No time today…

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