Mar 202006

It is crazy, watching Sal change. He’s always learning. And we are too. Well, we are when we’re paying attention. Lots of stuff to pay attention to.

And one’s gotta fight the natural tendency – that things are being done on purpose. That he’s learning at a superhuman rate or capable of more than we think. Just like one has a tendency to anthropomorphize around simple models, I think one has an even greater desire to when it’s one’s child.? Some parents are crazy about it.

I won’t give examples – not in writing at least. But I think the whole pretending to do stuff that the kid can’t really do – doesn’t do much. I maybe wrong of course, but why rush it? They all just develop at different paces. Enjoy the stage they’re at right now – all the stages will come soon enough.

My father scolds me for underestimating Salvador. I don’t think I am. I just think I’m cautiously trying not to overestimate him. Easy to brag – Sal does this. Sal does that. Which, when one says it, I think they really are saying – “Sal intends to do this and has the reasoning power to decide what he’s going to do and when he’s going to do it”. And he doesn’t. But that’s the beauty of it. We get to discover it together.

Crawling. Climbing. Falls that hurt. Falls that don’t hurt. Climbing over legs. Landing on his face. Holding himself up instead. Examining the new Fisher-Price balls (above). We learn it all together. (The balls actually all have different things inside them – that’s what I was learning while the photo was being taken…and by things – I mean really different things. Some are scenes of blocks, another is a butterfly that spins on rod that moves within the ball, another is a critter that spins on a fixed axel within the ball…very different. Kind of neat.)

Doctor said that in a few months – 12-15 months or so – Sal will understand a ton of stuff. Just won’t be able to say it back. That’s why we’re doing the sign language. But he’ll understand phrases like “go get the book” and maybe we’ll slip in a little “where’s the ball?” phrasing too, to ramp up the rivalry with Chapo. Other families with kids talk about words and meanings that their kids have already. Of course, it’s not perfect and there are a few mistakes here and there.? I can’t help but ask though (to myself cause otherwise Catherine thinks I’m being rude) is the mistake when they call anyone “mama” or is the mistake when they are babbling “mama” and the kid’s mother happens to be nearby and interprets it as a reference to her?

Anyway, this morning, we discovered together what happens when someone sneezes with a mouthful of yogurt.? Though I’m not sure Salvador was taking notes. Or even if he was, I think we both know, that it’ll be an experiment we’ll probably repeat.

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  1. Bad link to anthropomorphic tendencies, my friend who’s mother’s maiden name is wong. perhaps post 16 and not 116? It appears I lack a post 11.

  2. Ha, it seems i was mistken. you were trying to link to your own post 116(?). my apologies. Perhaps it’s time to file a bug . . .

  3. it’s the view…need to use the permalink, not the “relative to me” link…

  4. i love that picture. you’re both marveling @ the balls & dressed as twins. that just cracks me up.

  5. I am constantly amazed by what my son understands already at 21 months, particularly in terms of language. They know many more words than they can say, I think.

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