Feb 122006

Sal’s first trip could have been a bit luckier. But he did okay. No monster rolls. But not a monster wipeout. Owen I think did better on his second trip out. So we’ll plan for Sal’s second trip soon. And maybe I’ll get hypnotized again.

Besides the gambling though, he got to hang out with lots of family and friends. Grandpops and Nana let him hang out in his crib away from home. Literally. They’ve broken down the “no kids” rule at their Turnberry Estate and even have a crib for him there. Rosemary and Albert hung out with him. And of course, he couldn’t help but keep an eye on Uncle Jaime the whole time too.

Yeah. This Vegas trip report is like no other before. It is a much different trip with baby. Catherine didn’t really even gamble. The time that I did take Sal away from her so she could gamble, word is, she wasn’t really into it. And just kept on wanting to find out me and Sal were doing. We were okay. We had Bernadette and Kari looking after us. Keeping the scary Hilo Hattie’s lady away from us.

Gambling wise – what stands out? The old Hawaiians at the Stardust. Some guy with a girl hanging on him while he was rolling dice and the dealers telling him – “One game at a time!” Which lead to more jokes about his performance anxiety that weren’t funny enough for them to be just jokes.? Still, he was making money, so I didn’t complain. Just made jokes. The old San Remo casino isn’t really that nice after their remodel. Noisy. Inconsistent uniforms. The 24 hour resturant isn’t open. Oh – and we couldn’t win anything there either.

Craps – the roll that mattered was my father rolling. He had maybe 250 on the hard 8. Cammy had 60. He had hit it before, that’s why they were so heavy on it. He rolled and one die went into the rail. Superstition kicked in, so he called all his bets off. Normally we’re just as superstitious as he is, except that he’s wrong so often…it’s like a meta-superstition. So no one else did anything. He rolled the 4-4. Hard 8. My sister collected $540. My dad just sat doing the math, realizing he just missed out on collecting over 2k. Just another day at the tables…

What I probably enjoyed the most was that Candy (she gave me the $.02 ticket…) and Nivita picked up a stalker earlier that same craps session. And when they told people, no one was surprised. I even recognized the guy. No, it wasn’t me. Or Marco. Just some little asian dude that was hanging out near us earlier. He had entered our “personal” space and I didn’t think much off it. Even thought to myself how we picked up a new friend. Then I bought into the craps game and didn’t think about him again, till 30 minutes later, when Candy tells me she’s gonna stand next to me and hopefully that’ll give her stalker the message.

I wanted Nivita and Candy to split up – so that we could see which of them he was stalking. They didn’t think it was worth the risk. I think the dice we rolling so I didn’t pay much attention to the drama. Later they told me that they confronted him and scared him off. Scared him and his broken English off. So mean.

Moral dilemma – a crippled guy in a wheelchair, betting the Don’t and he’s the roller. Do I bet with him to support him? Or do I bet that he’s wrong, that he will make a point. That the world isn’t completely against him? I bet that he’d make his point. Unfortunately, the world is against him more than I thought. Except that he was betting that way. It left me and Marco confused and poorer regardless.

Avenue Q – was slightly different than the NY version – a little shorter and so they cut out some songs and lines. Guess they found that works better for the Vegas audience. I still like muppet shows.

The superbowl – well, I finally won a parlay, but in a different way. I booked the bet. Walter messaged me Friday (strange side note, I thought it was a different Walter. And when I got back, I hassled the wrong Walter about his losing bet. His denial of the knowledge of the bet I thought was just welching. Must start taking my crazy pills again) that he wanted to parlay Pit, the over, and then Pit scoring first.

I said the over/under was like 47 or 48. So he switched to the under. Anyway, I couldn’t find a place to make the bet (the scoring first was the one I didn’t find) and I wasn’t gonna spend more than maybe 45 seconds looking for a place, so I figured I’d just book the bet myself. If he won, I’d pay him, and if he lost, I’d tease him but not collect. Remember – I thought this was a different Walter.? And the parlay lost, so I won, having booked it. And I hassled the wrong Walter about the bet. Then the right Walter asked me if I actually made the bet – and it all dawned on me. As it turns out, the right Walter owes me so much money, our bets are made in i-Money…it’s based on the square root of -1. Yeah. Imaginary. So I wasn’t gonna be able to collect anyway. But I did realize that in order for me to win a parlay, I’m best off being the house.

My bet on the Superbowl: +170 over 28 on the shortest field goal. Basically saying that they wouldn’t make a field goal with in the 12 yard line.? If Ben didn’t get the favorable call on the TD, I would have sweated it out. But as it was, when things got shady, they’d either get penalized out of the redzone or throw an interception. Money. The bet came to me at 6am in the Stardust talking drunk with Damian. Recipe for success.

Fun game. Seahawks were just pretenders.

See you next year. With lucky Sal 2.0.

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