Jan 232006

Jim Rome is my Howard Stern replacement now that one needs money to listen to Howard.

He was commenting on Kobe’s 81 points last night. How a while back, he thought that it was horrible to bench Kobe after 62 against the Mavs, just let him go for the records, cause the game is about entertainment (SI had a similar viewpoint in their essay). He mentioned how it’s a once in a lifetime chance, let the guy score as much as he can, cause he’s not gonna get another chance like that ever.

“And by ever, I mean, like 4 weeks.”? Now he’s setting the bar higher for Kobe. 100+ points. Take every shot. Let the boxscore read 0-0 for everyone else on the team, and outscore an entire team by himself. That’d be fun to watch.

Will Jackson screw the triangle and just use the point?? We can only wish.

  One Response to “Screw the Triangle…use the Point.”

  1. Kobe’s a video game character come to life. Unbelievable game.

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