Jan 172006

I really like it. Arrested Development. How they take other shows ideas and then make them more extreme (trading spouses – or even better yet – skating with the stars or whatever it’s called. Dancing? Too safe – people want to see them hurt – let’s do ice skating. Brilliant!)

FX is great too – The Shield I like – sure, I was a huge Tony fan from The Commish but now this is his dark side. Rescue Me also tackled lots of great topics & issues. Prison break, well, eh, it had potential.

24 has started again. When it first came out, I wanted to be a big fan. I loved the realtime idea. But it fell apart pretty quickly. It takes 15 minutes to get to location X to save someone, then once they’re saved, only 4 minutes to get that person back to the base. And other things fell apart if you really paid attention. I complained about the show – how the one thing it said it had, it didn’t really have. Marco had to let me have it bluntly – “It’s just a tv show.” Oh yeah. Once I gave up on trying to find holes in the realtime, I just got into how stuff’s always happening.

So, yes, he doesn’t eat or use the restroom for 24 hours. He’s almost killed every time. And by almost, I don’t mean, a bullet comes close, I mean, his guts are falling out cause someone’s torturing him and yet he survives, and is hardly any worse for wear. Or gets a drug habit from going deep undercover. And shocking stuff happens. His best friend kills his wife. Then he needs to work with her (best friend). Boarderline unbelievable, but right on the edge.

He fights all comers. Russians, middle easterns, latin americans, and those pesky europeans. Some US folks are always in the mix too. Best friends. Dirty cops. Agents. Politicians. The bad guys are pretty smart. Lots of diversions. Their only weakness, which is every one’s weakness, is that no one flat out just kills Bauer when they have the chance.

Anyway, they basically just use the realtime aspect now to tell you around when stuff will happen. Shows usually start with someone saying something like “within the hour” and I’m wondering – is it gonna happen before the end, or will it be the cliff-hanger. Yup…I fall for it every week.

Man, what’s gonna happen next week?

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  1. his best friend klilled his wife?? shawn tried to give me the recap of what you told him about the show..somehow i don’t think i really got the same info.

  2. well, they all blend together for me.

    1st one – His wife and daughter are kidnapped and his partner/best friend/possible affair ends up being someone he’s gotta kill. But he shoots her in the bulletproof vest and she’s alive. Then it turns out she’s bad. And in the end, I think she kills his wife. Then goes to prison. Then in some other one (2nd or 3rd? I don’t know. I don’t know how many there are….) he has to get her out to make some deal with drug lords. She might or might not die. I don’t remember.

    Last one – This was good. He’s got a new girlfriend. She’s in the process of getting divorced. She’s some senator’s daughter. She’s the blond lady at CTU right now (this season) that is the White House’s laison or something. Well, anyway, back in the last 24, they were dating (that’s why in this one, she’s a little leery of the lady from Spin City) but then, Jack found out that her husband’s companies were used by the terrorists somehow. So he has to question him. Jack’s questioning I think included breaking a lamp and using the wires to help jostle the memory. The wife/girlfriend watches. Jack concludes that he’s an unknowing partner, so they go together to get some info off a harddrive from one of his companies. Then the husband takes a bullet for Jack during the ensuing action. Jack’s impressed with him. But, girlfriend isn’t sure she can be with Jack anymore, now that she’s seen him in “field ops” mode. And husband now has acted heroically. Jack let’s CTU doctors heal him…while Jack goes to the Chinese embassy to kidnap someone else that has info. During that situation, the rescuee gets shot. And Jack takes him to CTU doctors, who tell Jack they’re busy working on the husband. Jack tells them – screw the husband, we need to save this other dude. And I think the husband dies. And they might or might not have gotten all the info out of the guy either. But anyway, now girlfriend is pretty sure she wanted to get back with husband and cannot hang with Jack no more…tough life.

    Now – honestly, I don’t know how much of that you might watch if you get the DVD. But it’s true to the spirit of the story…maybe even a bit better, if I do say so myself.

  3. oh – for the first one – the bad guys made him kill his partner – so at the time, he didn’t kill her on purpose, because he thought she was good. Then later on, he finds out she’s bad.

    24 is good cause there are lots of good people that are really bad.

    The Shield – just has lots of bad people…

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