Jun 222014

Here’s what happened on the ride:

  • My max speed: 43.6 mph
  • Times I will ride the bus: 1
  • Number of miles spent riding the bus: 4
  • Will I ride my bike over the finish line: Yes.
  • Weight difference between 5/31/14 and 6/8/14 (negative means I lose weight): -1
  • Average speed for all miles cycled (mph): 12.3
  • Day of my fastest average speed: 7
  • Day of my slowest average speed: 1
  • Number of minutes I wore a tutu: 0.
  • Total steps taken during trip (pedal strokes relate to steps the way I use Fitbit) (in thousands): 361
  • Number of times I do the QuadBuster hill (1.5 mile hill on day 3 @ mile 10 out of 67 for the day; 0 means I rode the bus, 1 is normal, 2+ means I went back to do it again!): 1
  • Number of strangers hugged: 1
  • Time of checking my bike in on final day (minutes): 1:38 pm
  • Earliest start time of day (minutes): 6:50 am
  • Latest finish time of day (minutes): 6:47 pm
  • Number of times I get someone to help me adjust my bike somehow: 3
  • Crashes: 0
  • Wardrobe malfunctions: 1 (ankle tape ended up wrecking my knee)
  • Difference between my 6/8/14 weight and the total of the first game of the NBA Finals: 16
  • Number of seconds iOS Mail is featured during the WWDC keynote: ~125

IMG_0098Seems like having someone “borrow” my towel in the shower on the first day should either count as a hug or a wardrobe malfunction.  But not sure which it is.  Didn’t matter for the betting pool anyway.

Turns out, no one gives my weight enough credit for max speed (highest guess was 30).  Kari got the latest finish time on the dot.  But at the same time, she also wanted chaffing to count for wardrobe malfunctions and wanted 3 of them to happen to me. Those were kind of disturbing guesses that were on my mind in the saddle occasionally.  When Candy predicted I was going to fall twice, at least she joked about it.

I do not hug enough strangers.  Or as many as folks want me to at least. Though with this new knowledge, things might change. If people take the hint?

I was also shaved a lot more on this trip than I had expected. That was an unexpected side effect of this ride. And the swollen ankles. And carpal tunnel issues.

Anyways, after a lot of spreadsheeting, Kari and Sonny won dinners. Too strange trying to break the tie. It wasn’t clear if I was biased or not either. Sonny made me sign up for this silliness (he actually signed me up) and Kari was rooting for chaffing. I didn’t have a favorite.

Other randoms:

  • Best Good Morning from the breakfast line: “I like the way you eat your banana.”
  • Best line not said in response to a compliment in the breakfast line: “I like the way you’re handling my sausage.”
  • Road kill: A skunk tail – no body, just the tail. Also saw a dead baby deer. Saw a 3/4ths eaten adult deer too. And a decapitated blue bird, with its head about 20 feet away from the body. Too many squirrels to count.

I signed up for next year already too.

Maybe feeling will return to my fingertips by New Years so I can start training again. Parts of me wants to try it on a road bike, cause my road bike friends were definitely having a different trip than I was. They were washing clothes and not standing in line for showers and getting massages, while I was just trying to survive. But doing it on a road bike is lose lose. Either I’m an idiot for doing a trip so hard this year, or I’m a lame cyclist and a road bike is just as miserable…

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