Feb 242014

But I did it again yesterday.

20 years ago, it was for fun, for beers at Ensenada. And tacos. I didn’t train. I was young enough (and dumb enough) to just be able to will it to happen.

Yesterday, I rode 50 miles just as training for a larger ride, with more meaning. I’m doing the AIDS/LifeCycle ride from SF to LA in June.

Things have changed a bit over the years. It has definitely gotten harder. I don’t remember cramping up last time – but felt it yesterday. Priorities maybe shifted. There is a kid around that I want to make a lasting impression on.

Catherine called my bike “crappy” when talking to a friend of hers. I asked later on, what she meant by that. “It’s old, too heavy, and not built to go long distances on the road.” It felt like she was talking about me. I figured we’re a good match that way. (Me and the bike that is…)

Instead of dropping a large chunk of change on a road bike that’s half the weight of my current bike and would lead to buying new shoes and wearing a lot of spandex as outerwear, I donated the money. Your eyes can thank me anytime you see me not wearing spandex outerwear.

Waving a magic money wand would definitely make the obstacles ahead of me shrink. But my obstacles seem tiny compared to the obstacles those living with HIV face. If there could be a magic wand, I want it waved for their obstacles, not mine. One of the leads for my training rides had a post a while back (couldn’t find it to link to, so need to paraphrase) about how all of us will face various challenges on this ride. Fundraising, equipment, conditioning, time, health…no one will have an easy time. Upbeat huh?

And yet, over 2000 folks will do it. To help others. Through awareness, fundraising, or just inspiration and/or support. I am expecting it to be an emotional event and I’m also expecting that I’ve underestimated what I’m going to get out of it.

But to get there, I’m going to need support too. Right now, I’d really like someone to go on one of these rides with me.  But if you can’t make it out, I’d be more than happy to thank you for sponsoring my journey

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