Oct 172013

Most of the time, when we wager, I wager for a meal.  I enjoy going eating with others, cause the conversations usually get interesting.  Like making more bets over who can fit a beard papa creme puff in their mouth.

9027151818_0d7e52d672_bBut one time, this past summer at lunch, a couple of guys I work with talked about doing the AIDS LifeCycle ride.  Wanted to see if I was interested.  After all, I was like them – commuting to work occasionally.  Just that their commute is 50+ miles and mine is 1.5. If I take the scenic route.

I’ve thought about doing a century often. This event would check that box off. Twice. In a week. While sleeping in a tent.

I’m not getting any younger. So I might as well do it when folks I know are doing it. I told them I was at 80% likelihood of joining them on the ride. Something interesting was happing at that lunch.

I thought I could get out of it when I saw that the Tour de Cure that Sal and I ride was happening on June 8th.  But luckily enough, the ALC ride ends on the 7th. So I can catch flight home that night and be ready to go with Sal the next day. I didn’t have any good reason not to do the ride.

Sonny went to a meeting in the city one night, registration was at a discount and I got signed up.

Folks, that probably know more than me, suggest getting a new bike. But I’m kind of used to my bike (and stubborn and cheap) and I don’t think I’d ride a road bike after this, so it seems like a waste to get a bike just for training for this ride. Perhaps I would have a different story next spring or summer. As it is, I’d rather take that money for the bike and donate it instead. Much healthier to shave 10-15 pounds off my body than off my bike instead…

If you would like to join me, I can get you a discount on the registration fee. Send me a note. It is going to be fun! (I need to keep reminding myself of that…)

If you would rather just sponsor me on this craziness, I sure would appreciate it. Use this link.

Thanks – and let’s go eat sometime!

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