Aug 032011

Sal’s in a writing program.  $25 bucks a day.  I was against it at first, thinking it was too much academics for the summer.  But it has actually been a very good class for Sal.  He has found that he “likes writing the ideas in my brain”.  Catherine was right about this class.

Plus he came back with this gem today:

If I could be a wizard for a day I would be…

…happy.  [First, I would] put a mind control on my mom to flush her self down the drane.  I can play video games all day with owt her telling me to stop.  Next, [I would] get my dad to tech me to turn on the game.  Finally, I will flush my dad down the dran.  Then nobody will bother me win I’m playing. Being a wizard would be awesome.


A bargin for $25, right?

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