Jul 222010

For the body fat bet, up until the actual weigh in, one could feel like one had both won and lost.  I felt that actually.  Makes one pretty anxious and bi-polar.  It wasn’t until the actual measurements were done and shared did one truly know whether one had won or lost.

When talking to Ben about this biking bet, I was thinking at the start, that about 200 miles would win.  Maybe 250.  I was thinking 10+ miles a day.  I shared that with him.  With the notion that if Shawn knew that was my number, then the number might change.  We eventually included Ben running with a 3x multiplier for his miles into the bet.  He felt that 66 was a good number for him to run in 20 days and that would make him competitive.

Except that those estimates were for the case where we didn’t share numbers.

Now that we share numbers, the competition is way out of whack.  He’s close to 60 miles and we’re just halfway through and he’s barely in the lead.  The daily (almost minute-by-minute for some) reveal of stats has driven the competition into overdrive.

It’s out of control, waiting for someone to tap out.  The jockeying over IM, trying to size up if someone’s going to run/bike tonight…and if so how far…and if they share the number, will they actually keep their word about that or not.  If not, was it a bluff or was it sandbagging?

It’s no longer a physical feat wager…or maybe it never was.

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