Nov 262009

While we were out dining the other night, it came up that occasionally, I go through a lot of effort to save a couple of bucks.

Now you can too.

$3 gets you a $25 coupon at  That $25 coupon is usually on a $50 total bill.  So it’s basically a $22 coupon if you spend $50 bucks.  They’ll automatically add 18% tip, but that shouldn’t be an issue either.  Or you can spend $6 and get a $50 coupon at some places.  I think I’ve bought one of those for Fuel near Santana Row.

The first time we used the coupon, it didn’t work out that well, as we ate too much at a little sushi joint.  It was easy to use the coupon – just we felt bloated making the $50 quota.

But then we noticed that a local bar, which has all the NFL games and chicken wings and ribs (for Sal) was letting you get $25 off a minimum purchase of $35.  So I have 8 of those coupons to use over the next couple of weeks.  And I might buy a few more.

Anyway – the way to get it is to follow this link – and use it to search for  The $3 promo should only last a few days, but the coupons you buy are good for a year or so (hence I’ve stockpiled 8).  There will be additional messaging about using the marketing kickbacks for your own kid for college (recommend signing up for uPromise) or letting a few nickels go into Sal’s account.  Doesn’t matter to me – just wanted to share the link for the $3 coupons.  Use discount code “thanks” when checking out to get the discount.

Oh – you gotta browse their list of participating restaurants.  But we’ve been pleasantly surprised at some of the places on there…

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