Aug 202005

Hunter is on TV Land. I like Hunter.

So – TV Land was the background noise for the next installment of the TCO – sponsor track.? Got primed for the tourney by watching ALF’s talk show. Programmed during the Andy Griffith Show and Leave it to Beaver.

And, though the contest is still going on, I have no chance at the 3rd problem. So I”m enjoying Hunter and blogging, and impressed that my kid is hitting on women. A married woman even. What a dog.

But the point is – that the first problem is really worded in a confusing way I think. They’ve disabled cut and paste…so I’ll paraphrase.

You want to draw a rectangle, but you don’t have good control over the length of your lines. So though they are at all right angles, the left, top and right sides all have ranges for how long they are (leftMin, leftMax, topMin, topMax, rightMin, rightMax).? They want the program to return the difference between the minimum length and maximum length of the bottom line.

But in some of their examples, they don’t draw rectangles. That is, because the left and right sides have ranges that don’t overlap, then the bottom line isn’t at a right angle to the left and right sides. So you’re not drawing a rectangle afterall.

I get caught up in little confusing things like that. So much so, that after I struggled with that for a while, I just dropped the problem and went on to the other problem. The 2nd problem was Fibonacci junk – and I didn’t solve elegantly – but hopefully good enough. The 3rd problem, I can’t comprehend how to solve in the given timelimit. And when that happens, I just start enjoying the background noise – Hunter is badass.

Then I figured out how to do the first problem. And all the minor tests passed. But I still don’t think it is worded properly. Oh – programming session ends in 4 minutes. Better get back to it.

Update: Catherine suggested I look up an image of Grover, after I mentioned that it ain’t easy being blue – (I’m just scoring average in TopCoder and have got a blue rating – and the last tourney didn’t help much. But it would have been good enough to move onto the next round if I wasn’t a sponsor too). Gonna have to learn DP.

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  2 Responses to “Wow.”

  1. The challenge phase is interesting.

    I get defensive when people open up my code.

    And I’m happy when the message “roma unsuccessfully challenged cbaray’s 250 point problem” appears.

    I forget if you get points for surviving challenges. I think they took that out to stop rewarding obfuscation. But I don’t know for sure. Yahoo is the odds on favorite to win the sponsor challenge – not cause of me, but cause we’ve got the largest pool of people in here – and I think 2 of the top 3 ranked players too.

  2. learn dp? umm… dynamic programming? double something?

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