Apr 292009

SoleCollector had a little review on some shoes I was interested in.  I was interested in them cause they were on sale if I was willing to get the IU branded version.  I got them, but didn’t like their fit. Exchanged them and got more expensive shoes.  Which, turns out, gave me a few blisters anyway.  So maybe I’ll go back and give those IU shoes another try, cause they were such a deal and I’m a sucker for deals.

I did not get a deal on these shorts though.  I got them, cause I’m a sucker for marketing.  Give 100%, get 104%.  They’ve got some “powerweb” lining which stores your energy and releases it back into you as you’re leaping.  Supposed to give you 4%.  But as the dude on SoleCollector pointed out for himself, “I’m not within 4% of dunking.”  But 4% is 4%.   So I’m 4% closer to dunking now.

Do the shorts work?  Not really sure.  I mean, I feel better in them.  And that’s more than half the battle, no matter what G.I. Joe says.  If anything, yesterday, as I was playing in them for the first time, my shot was off.  About 4% off.  Instead of getting just the net, I was hitting the back of the rim an awful lot.  So perhaps they were working and I just need to adjust for these new abilities.

The 1-2 punch that sells me on the shoes is that Dwight (in the photo) is in SI last week wearing the powerweb and the shoes…but his version of them, not the IU branded ones. I figure once I get the shorts and the shoes, then those arms would be next…just need to find the right website.

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