Feb 132009

Was talking to Dan about it the other day and I think it’d be better than the Biggest Brain or Movie Compatibility tests.


Now, admittedly, I don’t remember how the rules for the game really are.  But the basic idea is good enough.

You answer a list of questions that are yes/no or would/wouldn’t type things.  Questions basically from Moment of Truth.  And then your friends that are playing are pinged the same questions about you, where they as a collective choose what you’d do.  Answers are revealed after X days or Y friends answer your questions about you.  Now your friends also have to answer similar questions too – and you get to say whether they would/wouldn’t or have/haven’t…viral that way.

Points are somehow distributed.

But points aren’t really the fun part.

The fun part is finding out how people would answer…and how far off their own perception of themselves is from what their friends think.

Yeah. I’d be on that thing all day.

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